Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What can't O'Malley complain about?

If you would like to view a barometer into how well the government is performing right now, you need only look at the straws being grasped at by Xena Liberal Princess Kady O'Malley. To her credit, she did not complain about the Prime Minister's visit to Haiti. She even managed to report on the story without taking any partisan jabs. And while she made no mention about Liberal MPs in Vancouver, she did ask "so, which ministers are still out in Vancouver on official government business?"

So what else is Kady complaining about today?

1) She seems irked that Jim Flaherty has addressed the rumoured 2nd housing bubble in Canada. I'm not sure if she is aware that several of her more financially inclined colleagues like Amanda Lang have been warning about a dangerous 2nd housing bubble forming. There is the belief among some that housing prices have rebounded too quickly and we must devise a way to slow the growth. Kady thinks we should sit back and wait for the bubble to pop, I suppose.

To Kady: "Finance Minister Jim Flaherty took time away from the always exhausting budget assembly process to reveal new measures designed to "discourage reckless real estate speculation," which ... actually, now that I think about it, sounds more like something that would be announced in the aforementioned budget, and not as a stand-alone policy tweak two weeks earlier, but perhaps the minister was just so anxious to protect unwitting Canadians from the heartbreak of house-flipping-induced financial tragedy that he couldn't wait"

2) Evidently the Brits think this is the worst Olympics ever, and Kady wants you to know that they think that. Obviously the weather has been poor, but other than that the people partying in Vancouver right now are loving every minute of it. I guess it bothers her that people are enjoying this while there is a Conservative government in power. And London, I'll remember this in 2012...

3) She applauds the Ignatieff office staff for writing an open letter to the Prime Minister. Honestly there wasn't much to write about. She did not seem the least bit interested in Iggy's Vancouver tour, instead she wrote "on the opposition front, there doesn't appear to be much on the agenda for the other federal leaders" and that's about all she had on the opposition.

4) She "cringed typing" that Peter Van Loan was set to host a roundtable discussion about the fantastic performance of our banking system relative to the rest of the world. That's okay, I often cringe reading her work.


  1. Iceman, did you read the letter from Ignatieff to the prime minister. Well he want the prime minister to 'clean up' the liberals mess. But, instead of coming right out to say, he writes him(PM) a letter.
    If you see the list of items Ignatieff wants the prime minister to attend too. It's hilarious.

  2. I've noticed an interesting trend on CBC regarding the Olympics.

    They are absolutely dwelling on every negative aspect of the games, nasty coverage by Brit newspapers, cheap shots about the luge track - basically anything to give the viewer as negative a picture as possible.

    Are they doing this because:
    a) they lost the games to CTV and they want to pull views away from it?
    b) as a Toronto based/centric organization, they can't stand to see anything west of the Soo succeed?
    or is it a combination of both with the next phase to tie the Conservative government to any perceived failure of the games or criticizm of the 'own the podium' program?

    Either way, they're a real sleazy outfit!

  3. Oh the power of kady

    Van Loan cancelled the glory of canuck banking roundtable probably because kady was in the house keeping her eyes on the bad boys.

    'bout time kady visited a *orno site. She needs to find out what enjoying a real good pleasureable thrashing is all about. She's such a neophyte. The only thing oral she's ever had is a stylus.


  4. kady o'malley is a pathetic little liberoid twerp.

    The six people who read her stuuf all work for Iggy.

  5. Another gold for Canada, Maelle Ricker!!

    PS. CBC still sucks!

  6. CBC=Negative Olympic Coverage. That having been said, the CBC is a Negative entity. All negative, all the time. If I was forced to watch and listen to CBC for 48 hours, I'd slash.

    I don't know the reason that they sow depression but sow it they do.

    Nasty beasts.