Monday, February 15, 2010

Is this the end of the Liberal Shadow Parliament?

Bumping into Mike Ignatieff seems to be a common occurrence at the Vancouver Olympics while he has also been live blogging his escapades to several different venues. Here I was under the impression that it was vitally important for MPs to be back in Ottawa and that he was leading his Liberal Party in a Shadow Parliament to continue the important work of the legislature? What is he doing running around Vancouver? According to his own words, all MPs should be in Ottawa. Why then is he not in Ottawa?

I am trying to confirm that the Shadow Parliament has been cancelled, but that information is not readily available. I went to the Liberal website and all they seem to be talking about is what Iggy is up to in Vancouver. The CBC has stopped talking about the Liberals in lieu of the Olympics, only the Globe and Mail is continuing partisan attacks but I don't see anything there about what the Liberals will be up to this week. How many Liberal MPs are in Vancouver right now? Can we get an official head count?


  1. The MSM is at the Olympics because its the biggest story happening in the country. GO Canada GO. Ignatieff ain't a big deal this week - I'm surprised he's not in France at the chateau. Why be in cold, dreary Ottawa when you can be in Vancouver rubbing shoulders with the fans, sports personalities and best of all the glorious spring weather. Vancouver is green, warm and the flowers are blooming. Cheers. Fern StAlbert

  2. I wonder when Iggy acquired his tickets? How long exactly has he been planning on attending?

  3. Another Anonymous says:

    When did Brian Williams go to work for CTV?
    He must have an Olympics clause in his contract.
    I remember him from the '76 games.

    Were those American snowboarders wearing jeans?

  4. the Globe and Mail is continuing partisan attacks clamourflage that the liberals are still hard at work at the parliament, with phoney photos, then, when the other fake media return, then Globe goes to Vancouver for their break and so it continues. An 'artwork' so well orchestrated by the media for decades.
    Layton and the NDP are also out of parliament; how come they are not working as well.
    I noticed that SHILO has not come out against her NDP for closing their parliament. No FACEBOOK? NO NOTHING? What happen all of sudden.

  5. Iceman, you live there, how come you have not asked Ignatieff this question:" what are you doing here, I thought that you people were working for the people. The prime minister is at work. so why aren't you."

  6. If you want to know if the Lib shadow cabinet is cancelled just go over to Kady's blog and see if she's live blogging anything from them. No live blogging of Lib roundtables = no Lib shadow cabinet.

  7. Ironically Reid, I just finished doing exactly that..."On the opposition front, there doesn't appear to be much on the agenda for the other federal leaders"

    Did you hack my computer?