Saturday, February 13, 2010

Smashing Windows

I was unaware that vandalizing public property was an effective means of gaining support for your political beliefs. What have I been missing? Here I was under the mistaken impression that the best way to spread your message among the populace is to publish your opinion into the public sphere and allow people to read it, think about it, and develop their own opinion. That all you need to make are salient points of thought about your beliefs and if you can do it effectively then you will be able to increase the total sum of support from your fellow citizens.

But no, evidently what I should have been doing all along to make people more receptive to my beliefs is dressing up like a ninja and smashing windows downtown. For example I strongly believe that we should elect our Senators and then give them a full veto over the lower house instead of just a filibuster. What a fool I've been trying to spread support for my beliefs by starting an opinion website and encouraging peaceful debate on the issue! I should have been out throwing marbles at the feet of the horses of RCMP officers in an attempt to injure both the officer and animal. And if you didn't catch the sarcasm there, obviously those actions are deplorable and should be strictly punished by law enforcement.

The greatest irony in this morning's vandalism is that it is being undertaken by the anarchy division of the anti-Olympic movement. They would like us to disband our government, military, and civil service and live without the rule of law. Meanwhile they are out there convincing regular citizens that the police are even MORE necessary than before they started going bananas on a window. It is in fact counter productive to increase public belief in the necessity of law enforcement when your object is to disband it.

All the ninja's running around town smashing windows should be detained, put on an airplane, and dropped into Somalia. If you want anarchy, there it is in all its glory. You should perhaps experience a lawless society for a year before you start preaching your desire for it to others. How long do you think any of these misguided youths would spend in Mogadishu before E.T phones home crying to mom and dad "please get me out of here"?

"Ignorance is bliss when it is folly to be wise"

-Jim Lahey, Trailer Park Supervisor


  1. I don't think I could agree with you more than I do on this topic! Stellar post.

    As for that tax thingy over at my page, you're the math whiz - make it make more sense to me - I can't seem to wrap my head around why it would be bad, other than we'd have a lot more in savings if we slowed down spending. But that would of course mean less revenue for the government. Hmmm... ???

  2. That would be cruel and the coalition parties prefer we give them house arrest and some hugs.

  3. Hinch, I don't know that I can make sense of the fair tax. I get the point, but the changes are so drastic that you cannot reliably predict its impact. I place priority on consumption over production. If we didn't consume, there would be no production. But if you shut down production, we'd still consume. If other visitors would like to know what we are talking about, visit Hinchey's Place. I know Chuck Norris pumps the fair tax, but he also pumps the bowflex, so take that for what it's worth. I trust Chuck on kicking people in the face, not on economic policy.

  4. Iceman, I'll be interested in reading or hearing who the vandals are, who were arrested by the VPD today. They may be mercenaries hired to ramp up the tension, destroy property and wreak havoc, using similar tactics as rioters have done in France and many other countries. Where does lawlessness lead?

  5. You know they almost convinced me about the whole anarchy idea. It would almost be worth it to be able to bring them justice personally.

  6. I would like to know who was that heavy-set man who put back a newspaper box these punks knocked down and then started swearing at these street performers and shaking his fist at them. He was then "encouraged" by the police to stop showing anger at these anarchists while the police did nothing about the protestors. My hero! Who is that guy?

  7. With all the millions spent on security, you would think that at least those two shown in picture were arrested.

    This just gives these protesters more courage to destroy property and disrupt peaceful demonstrators to entice violence. Shame on the security for NOT getting tough with these professional protesters.

    The ones who really are getting the bad deal are the peaceful protesters. They want to express their views (though I may not agree with them)I would back them fully as a right. The police appear to arrest peaceful protesters and blame them instead of arresting those committing a crime in front of their eyes. I hope there is an inquiry later on this.

    "He was then "encouraged" by the police to stop showing anger at these anarchists while the police did nothing about the protesters. My hero! Who is that guy?"

    Mine also.

  8. Perhaps these are not anarchists, but followers of Frederic Bastiat? [/sarcasm]