Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Canadian Women Get-err Done!

Canada is now up to 15 medals won in the Vancouver Games, and 11 of them have been produced by female athletes, with one shared by a male and a female. Our women are out medaling our men 11.5 to 3.5 in an Olympics that is said to have more pressure than any other ever endured by Canadian athletes. Does this then suggest that female athletes respond better to pressure than male athletes? Are our ladies just in better condition than their male counterparts? I can't exactly explain the disparity.

We have already tied our record for most gold medals in a Winter Olympics, with 25 podiums yet to be decided. Of the 25 remaining podiums, 7 are in speed skating, 2 are in hockey, 2 are in curling, 5 are Nordic, 3 are alpine, 4 snowboards or freestyle, 1 figure skating, and the four man bobsled.


  1. 2 thoughts: Canada does well in sports that have been recently introduced to the Olympics, read: ski cross, women's bobsleigh, trampoline and then the world catches up, meaning Canada may be more of a sporting nation than sometimes given credit. And most countries are patriarchal, giving women's sports a disadvantage, whereas Canada is borderline misandrist.

  2. As I mentioned at Hunter, much easier on the eyes too!