Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 6 Wrap-up: Canada 6, Russia 3, Britain 0

I would like to remind everyone in the international media gallery that another day of Olympic games has passed us by, and Canada has accumulated another medal. The Brits are still waiting for their first. I can see where Ignatieff was so distraught with the Games that he had to leave, his precious mother Russia is off to a slow start with a paltry 3 medals. Although the probability of the United States owning the podium is growing daily, we still have twice as many medals as the next two Olympic host countries combined. I just wanted to point that out, with curling and hockey yet to come.

Today was a beautiful day in Vancouver, and it is even chilly outside. If we are to have any chance remaining at owning our podium, our athletes on alpine skis and speed skates need to start acquiring more metal. And even if they don't, I applaud their dedication to their cause.


  1. I do hope someone is archiving all the negative stories by the British press, to be replayed in 2012, when they have to answer for all the foul ups that accompany any games.

  2. Charles Adler just talked to some reporters telling them about the way the media pour negativity to jennifer heil over her winning a silver instead of gold.
    Being an athlete is no easy task when you make it to the olympics and win a medal no matter the colour of the medal-you won; you made it; your name will go down into the history books and you personally will never forget that day. Unfortunately, instead of the media feeling proud for Jennifer winning the silver they attack her feelings with some negative remark.