Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The CBC, Our Billion Dollar Baby

I have launched a new webpoll for the best title for a book about the CBC. Thus far it would appear that acquiring ratings, revenue, and expenditure information from the CBC will be more difficult than I had anticipated. With CBC employees like Kady O'Malley crusading for greater transparency of Government institutions, I thought the same standards would be applied to her own public Corporation. I was wrong. With my E-Mail inquiries yielding no results, can someone tell me how to make a "freedom of information act request"? I would like to audit the CBC and as a Mathematical Economist my skills are uniquely suited to answering those "tough questions". I have even worked for the federal government as a Registration Officer for Elections Canada.

What does the CBC have to hide? I feel as though I could go into a satirical rant similar to those of the Liblogs on the Detainee issue. "HOW GUILTY CORPORATIONS ACT" should be the title of my next blog post. All I have been able to accumulate thus far are Auditor General and CRTC Reports that do not contain nearly the level of financial detail that I seek.

What I have found is that Newsworld is not permitted to receive any parliamentary appropriations, and doing so would violate their operating license. We are told to believe that the entire operation operates for $69 million dollars. Though that was what the CBC reported about themselves to the Auditor General in 2004/05, before the CRTC ruled in 2007 that Newsworld should be forcibly included in all basic digital cable packages. That had to increase their revenue stream, though I cannot access the information to determine if this added to their ratings.

"The one function TV news performs very well is that when there is no news we give it to you with the same emphasis as if there were."

-David Brinkley


  1. The 'Iron Curtain- the kremlin(CBC), do not have to divulge anything to you.
    When it comes to the kremlin CBC, they and the kremlin in Russia are the safe.

  2. Boy,that one was tough! All those titles are pretty good.

    For some reason many Canadians think the CBC's a national icon,and they get very nervous about it not being there in its present form, as propagandist for the Left.

    Most of the same people aren't aware of "climate gate","glaciergate","Pachaurigate" or any other of the recent revelations about AGW. Almost all I've spoken to have a very narrow view of the world, just like their favourite TV network, and aren't very good conversationalists once you get past,"nice day".

    The CBC should either be revamped so that it can operate without any input of taxpayers money, or failing that, sold off to private interests.


  3. Google the following: CBC Policies & Guidelines Access to Information

    The top link will take you to their statement of being answerable to the Canadian Access to Information Act and how you can have access to information held in its records.

    There is a link to their Access to Information form and instructions on how to get the information.

  4. Evan Soloman's Question of the day is "Should the Canadian government support access to safe abortions around the world?" And thus far 81% of the 60 fans who have voted say yes. I refuse to link his site directly, but feel free to visit and visit the site if you'd like to vote on the funding of foreign abortions. Or send your complaints to

    He really framed the question more pleasantly than simply funding foreign abortions. I ran a similar poll, and 98% of respondents voted no to funding foreign abortions in an economic recession.

  5. Thank you Surecure! I will be completing my request shortly. Though if you read the terms, I expect some of the documents to be redacted... :) That would be priceless!

    That led to:

    Access to Information


    CBC/Radio-Canada is subject to the Access to Information Act (ATIA), which gives Canadian citizens and persons resident in Canada, as well as corporations located in Canada, a right of access to information held in its records that relates to its general administration.

    Exemptions and Exclusions

    CBC/Radio-Canada will carry out the requirements of the Access to Information Act in a manner consistent with the requirement that access to records should be granted unless a specific exclusion or exemption applies. CBC/Radio-Canada will apply exemptions or exclusions in the most appropriate manner and as permitted by law.

    In addition to other relevant exemptions and exclusions, you should be aware that Section 68.1 of the ATIA provides CBC/Radio-Canada with a specific exclusion for any information that is under the control of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that relates to its journalistic, creative or programming activities.

  6. I have to write a cheque for $5 payable to CBC/Radio Canada. That sucks.

    To anyone else interested in requesting information on CBC expenditures and revenues, just visit:

  7. Is there one MP who would help you open up access to the CBC information through a private member's bill?

    It seems that they can claim anything is off limits when they fine-print like this:

    "....specific exclusion for any information that is under the control of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that relates to its journalistic, creative or programming activities."

    This may be a long process Iceman, but honestly, I applaud you for taking it on. It is long overdue!

  8. This book needs to be written. I would buy it if you wrote it. Go for it man! Crack that nut! Let me know if I can help.

  9. I would love to see the PM stand up in the HofC, to answer a question re detainee documents, and reply with this.
    The Government will release all necessary documents, once everyone requesting information from the CBC get all information requested without any blacked out sections. After all, the cbc belongs to the taxpayer and should have no secrets.