Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mentally ill man infatuated with Joe Biden

I would like to know who was in charge of Joe Biden's security at the Opening Ceremonies, where an obsessed Biden fan got to within 12 paces of Joe before being stopped and apprehended by two RCMP officers. Any screeners who let the man through with false credentials should be dismissed from security screening for the remainder of the Games. The two RCMP officers should be applauded for correctly recognizing the obsessed fan and keeping him away from Joe Biden. The mentally ill are drawn to Joe Biden and Barak Obama like magnets, and we should have been prepared for this contingency!"

The man will not be charged.  He has already been sent back to the psychiatric hospital with the rest of the obsessed Biden fans.


  1. An obsessed Biden fan?

    Truly some cruel mental disease at work here.

  2. Considering security breeches allowed non invited guests into a WH dinner, this is nothing.
    Why are so many getting close to the Pres or VP.
    Whose security screwed up.
    Just wondering, have all the idiots crawled into their holes for fear of being arrested, or are they still our and about.
    Mary T

  3. Maryt, has a point "whose security screwed up" giving that the american security henchmen arround VP is suppose to be very tight.

    The RCMP should be appaulded and I hope that the American media mentions this.