Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dragon's Den

I may have discovered a CBC television franchise not filmed on ice that I might actually enjoy, and its name is Dragon's Den. I generally only watch the CBC main channel for Coach's Corner or when the Leafs are playing someone interesting, and I didn't realize that Dragon's Den even existed. I spend most of my time monitoring the "specialty channels" which are not allowed to make expenditures with tax money and yet I suspect do. It was not until the weekend when I looked up Canadian TV ratings and saw that Dragon's Den had not only passed HNC as the top rated show on the CBC, it is currently ranked 15th in the country!

As a patron of Newsworld, I am a fan of Kevin O'Leary. I regularly watch the Lang and O'Leary Exchange; and while I may have asserted in the past that K.O sometimes tries to do a Jim Cramer impersonation, he informs and entertains me nonetheless. What's nuts is for all the long hours I have spent watching Newsworld the past several months, today was the first time I saw an ad for Dragon's Den, and I loved it. I will be watching tonight on the CBC main channel at 8pm. I have seen 1000 ads for Being Erica and Little Mosque on the Prairie before I saw my first ad for Dragon's Den.

That's weird.


  1. Hey,

    Dragon's Den has a US spinoff as well, called Shark Tank --and you will find O'Leary on that one as well.

  2. Two of the guys from Dragon's Den are on Shark Tank (I watch both shows, it's interesting!). But if you notice on Shark Tank, they do not (or have not that I have seen) mentioned that those two guys are actually from Canada. This was brought to my attention on another blog last week.

  3. Hey - so you are the guy who was watching the CBC for something other than a hockey game.

    I wondered why the audience size went from 2 to 3 in the most recent ratings..