Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Tell me why you like Obama"

The immortal words of Chick Willis from his musical ballad "why you like Obama" where he proclaimed "he'll bring down the oil prices so we all can afford to ride...everybody that has a car out there knows that Barak Obama is a driver's friend!" Oh really? Refusing to drill offshore and taxing carbon is going to reduce oil prices? So when Obama was elected, world crude oil prices were hovering under $50 per barrel. They currently stand at just under $90 per barrel. So the nearly doubling of crude oil prices is a driver's friend? Thank you Chick Willis for your economic forecasting ability.

As a driver, I don't consider Obama to be my friend. Let's inhibit oil production from Canada's oil patch, Canada being the largest supplier of crude to the United States, and that should make it cheaper for Californians to drive to Vegas? Got it. You're wrong, but I get your point. My opposition to the President is not based on colour or religion; but rather my intense academic study of Adam Smith and Karl Marx. Although it was before I launched my blog, I proclaimed in the summer of 2008 that I was concerned that Obama was channeling Marx, and nothing that I have seen in the year plus of his reign of power has changed my mind. He is an ideologue, and as the wise philosopher Jim Lahey once said "a shit leopard can't change his spots."

"Bring down the oil prices"? What do you call it when you instead double them? The good news for Canada is that if Obama keeps driving up oil prices, as a net producer, goodbye deficits!

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  1. Maybe Chick should rewrite that song.

    btw, what about that fat guy below who says he can tell you where to get oil for $4.67 a barrel?

    Maybe Andy Obermueller is the New Messiah!

    cynically yours,