Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Great Danes Overfishing?

Ironic how the nation so passionately in favour of conserving our atmosphere with carbon neutrality has no moral objection to overfishing shrimp along the border of Canadian coastal waters. When I see these destructive acts by the Great Danes, I ask myself "Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?" It is not unlike how the socialist utopia of Norway loves off-shore oil extraction and extensive whale hunting. Unlike seals (for which the EU has condemned Canada for hunting), whales don't reproduce fast enough to replenish their numbers.

Ironically, the Liberals are now trying to attack Gail Shea for what Denmark is doing outside our costal waters. We can demand that they stop, which we have, but how can we force them to stop? Do we send warships to cut their nets? Do we introduce economic sanctions on Copenhagen? As for me, I rarely eat food from the Ocean. I prefer my food come from a farm. I used to eat tuna often enough, until it was discovered that they contain unusually high concentrations of mercury.

In any event, I don't want Denmark to do this, but I can't decide on the best way to make them stop. As I understand it, many of these shrimping boats are coming from Greenland which is generally politically autonomous. Can Denmark force Greenland to stop shrimping? I don't know. Any aggressive action against European fishing boats in International waters will be very poorly received by the European Union. I'm not sure how we tip toe around a potential diplomatic crisis, but at the very least I trust my Prime Minister to do the right thing.

On the matter of fisheries, my own MP John Weston has been hard at work on the House of Common's Fisheries Committee about the 9 million sockeye salmon who neglected to show up this year for their annual swim up the Fraser River. The Prime Minister has responded by ordering an investigation into why the salmon disappeared. In recent years we have had an explosion in the seal population after abolishing our seal hunt. Seals eat salmon, especially vulnerable baby salmon. Seals are voracious predators.  Is this decimation of the salmon population just the chickens coming home to roost from cancelling our seal hunt?  It is a theory.

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