Friday, February 19, 2010

Layton giving up on Seniors?

I reported on Thursday that Jack Layton had publicly announced his desire to raise business taxes and reduce employment in order to distribute money to seniors. That was Jack's order of the day. To all those seniors who were excited for a Tory budget deal with the NDP to increase payouts, you will be disappointed to know that the NDP clarified its position today. Only aboriginal and homeless seniors will now qualify for what the NDP is demanding. If you own a home and you want the money, you had best turn over your house to the bank and pop a tent in a public park to get the money.

Jack had a night to think about it. Normally I'd expect him to just promise money to everyone, shifting the burden to commerce. Suffocating commerce decreases employment, and you just can't run around making overly ambitious promises to everyone at the expense of business. That model is not sustainable. When you shift tax burdens to businesses, businesses leave the country. Dalton's Ontario is learning this lesson the hard way.

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