Thursday, February 18, 2010

We won't beat the United States

I think after today it is pretty much official, the probability of us overtaking the United States in total medal count is essentially gone. How do we define own the podium, most total medals or most gold medals? We still have a shot at most gold, but I am willing to cede total combined alloys at this point. To do otherwise would require us winning more medals at a faster rate, and the United States getting a lot of bad luck.

But win or lose, I am proud at the competitive spirit of our athletes, and I am proud of how our country has embraced our Canadian Heritage as we've hosted the world. It has been a unique experience to be here in Vancouver to witness the excitement first hand. I think Mr. Ignatieff might have made a mistake by leaving. Sadly for him, the bulk of the world's media are on the left coast, not in Ottawa.

So who by your defintion wins the Olympics, most top 3 finishes, most first place finishes?


  1. I think you've been eating too much soy cheese. It ain't over 'til it's over.

  2. I don't know what Vegas is saying, but it is at least 90% that we don't win total medal count, if not higher. We have a shot at winning the most gold, but total medals is no longer probable.

  3. I don't think having the highest medal count is a realistic expectation, but I think the program can be considered a success, as we're presently THRID in the overall medal standings... the highest placement we've ever achieved.

    I'd call that a success.

  4. We have the "molds" and can make as many as we want, so technically we can award as many as we want.

    How much is the Gold medal worth with Gold over $ 1,000 per ounce?

  5. What are you talking about Man? The more medal treats we have are back loaded so dont give up yet man it has not even been a full week of the games yet, just wait and see

  6. It's just games - a really good one in my eyes, even with the glitches...

    Patrick Chan nearly hit the podium with no perfect routines in figure skating last night - anything can happen. I think we've pretty much gotten a medal or more a day (not the average needed to 'own the podium,' but pretty spectacular nonetheless).

    It's too bad everyone found out about own the podium. It's gonna look a bit silly when we tell everyone we do own the podium because we built it!

  7. So what Iceman, medal counts is not something easily achieved; whatever the count, doesn't matter, let's be happy for the our athletes; they are doing the best they can.

  8. A lot of our medals come later in the games.

    These projections are interesting:

    We're on track for the most golds.

    Most medals is projected to be USA 32.9 vs Canada at 31.

    That's completely beatable!

  9. I never interpreted "Own the Podium" as a clean their clocks thing although that could have been it's intent.
    I always took it to be a SUPPORT and INCENTIVE program to quit being sissies and such PC Canadians by claiming to have achieved a personal best.

    In other words, be GOOD enough to be on the podium.
    I think that most of the non medal winners have demonstrated that.

    The figure skating however has been so mediocre and classic Canadian, "didn't step up"...

  10. In Turin, our medal total was only one behind the US. there's still another week to go ....

  11. To me 'Own the Podium' had everything to do with going out to win a medal, lose the nice guy image and go for gold, win or lose....not win the count, a new national pride mentality.

    Canada being in the top 5 is an absolute undeniable Own the Podium success story,
    given our population and $$$ funding.

  12. We already won the olympics.
    It's not about medals it's about inspiring pride in Canada. We won

  13. "But win or lose, I am proud at the competitive spirit of our athletes, and I am proud of how our country has embraced our Canadian Heritage as we've hosted the world."

    I am still proud of our athletes. I am just trying to prepare you for an inevitable defeat if you go by total medal count as the measure of victory. I do consider top 5 to be a success, even though I did want to win it all.

  14. It is far more likely that we win the most gold than we win the most total medals. I'm just telling you what it is.