Wednesday, February 3, 2010

South Park Spoofs Glenn Beck in "Dances with Smurfs"

I am a big fan of Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and their longtime animated hit South Park. Two center-right comedians who poke fun where fun is due. I have enjoyed Mr. Beck at various times in the past; often I listen to his opinion and agree with specific assertions, but there are times when I watch him and think "slow your role man". My mother gave me Arguing with Idiots for my birthday, and it is a very entertaining read. Yet when I watched Eric Cartman being Glenn Beck, I laughed my ass off!

To view the entire episode for free on the Comedy Central website, click here to watch Dances with Smurfs. They even take a shot at Avatar.

Matt Stone once said "I hate conservatives, but I really (expletive) hate liberals."

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