Monday, February 15, 2010

Ignatieff Photo-Ops

Two days ago on Twitter, Mike Ignatieff was bragging that he met Canadian Olympic men's curler Kevin Martin at a speed skating event. He was nice enough to post a picture of his mingling with Canadian athletes. What's funny is if you look at the picture, it would appear as though Iggy is trying to scurry past the athletes who appear happy to see him. I was under the impression that it was imperative that all our parliamentarians should be back in Ottawa? So what are you doing in Vancouver Mikey? Have you cancelled your Capitol Hill workshops?  I guess your Ottawa PR stunt is not worth your time when our national media is focused on the Olympics.

Soon after he rushed past Team Martin, someone on Team Iggy posts the best picture they had of the greeting and bragged about his meet and greet. Instead of a picture standing beside Kevin Martin, or even shaking hands and smiling at the camera; what you get is a photo of Iggy's backside as he hurries past into the event. Really guys, that's the best picture you had? Did he ever even take his hands out of his pockets? It is well above freezing in Vancouver right now. This is a very amateur operation he's running. "Hey Mike, stop walking, shake his hand, and smile for the camera. He is one of our favourites to win a gold medal."

Nope...instead we get...


  1. What happen to his parliament, he prorogued his own parliament and the media are not upset.
    I thought that the opposition coalition was hard at work. What has Ignatieff accomplish so far in a space of few days?

  2. Can anyone confirm that the Liberals have cancelled their "Shadow Parliament" now that nobody is paying attention to them? I'd be interested to know and I haven't seen it in the Globe and Mail.

  3. Indeed, the body language is most interesting but how can you not notice the lack of 'patriotic', rah, rah, sis, boom, bah type gear?
    The clothing choice is drab and uninspiring under the circumstances don't you think and I guess he must have left his Canadian flag somewhere for safe keeping or didn't care to PURCHASE one?
    After all, his tickets were free, perhaps the CANADIAN GEAR and FLAG, were not!

  4. Actually Bec I suspect that he's secretly cheering for Russia. I have read about the true patriot love he feels for his Czarist heritage.

  5. I thought the same thing about Ignatieff's clothing. YOu would think he would have sprung for at least an Olympic scarf if not the jacket. But, oh yeah, he thinks our flag looks like a beer label so how could he lower himself to such plebian apparel.
    That's for commoners don't you know.
    Even Chretien was wearing a Canada toque and of course Harper has been proudly wearing Olympic jackets, scarfs and mitts for months.

  6. If you look closely Iffy has become the door valet for Olympics, after being a doormat for the government this new job has less stress.

    Let's hope he does better at his new job than his last because frankly he sucked at opposition leader.

    His rival a third place party leader that have never had 20% national support in history has recently overtaken him on Nik Nanos leadership score.

    I am not sure but looks like he may do worse than Dion.

  7. Didn't Iggy say that Canadians were ashamed to be identified as Canadians these days?

  8. Hey guys, I kinda told everyone that curling was my thing. So aaah, if you win a medal, can I like you-know like, umm like hug ya

  9. I wonder if Iggy likes curling enough to wander "the patch"? I get the feeling he would empty the room pretty quickly. Hey maybe if that politics thing doesn't work out for him he could take a job with MADD!

  10. Iggy was caught crossing the street this am when Heather of cbc fame, was interviewing people in the street re the hockey game today. She caught him and guess what, he had a red and white scarf on. He must have someone read the blogs for comments and paid attention to his clothing.
    Nice to see him on vacation while our PM is in Haiti working. I thought he said his mps would be working thru the olympics.