Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mr VANOC, Tear Down That Fence!

Allow me to take a moment to register a complaint about a current VANOC policy of putting a chain link fence around the external Olympic cauldron. I'm sure you had a reason for doing it, but we have thousands of visitors who would like to have their picture taken directly in front of this iconic landmark. You are welcomed to assign additional security to the venue, but we should allow all these people to experience it. So I am going to paraphrase the late great Ronald Reagan and say, VANOC, tear down that fence!


  1. Where is the photo of the fence making the landmark difficult to photograph?

  2. VANOC unfortunately has tended to the totalitarian approach in dealing with each and every issue surrounding the aspects of the Games that are not actual events.

  3. It's unfortunate, but I think the vandal/criminal/protestors have ruined it for everyone.

    No doubt the Olympic cauldron would be an easy target for them.

    All this to protect the worlds Media!
    There are literially thousands of pictures an hour being taken all with a chain link fence in the foreground. WEAK
    Also why did they close the sea wall in front of the center! For $900,000,000 you would think the people of BC would like the world to stroll along our idea of a sea wall!

  5. The fence is an eye-sore and in every manner creates a barrier between the symbolic flame of unity and the people who are here to be united.

  6. As a photographer, I would be mighty p!$$ed to have that fence there!

    Today, CBC showed some VIP's getting photographed right in front of the flame - behind the fence, while the rabble had to watch from the other side of the fence.

    Pretty sad.

    Tear down the fence - NOW!