Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Moir and Virtue, I'm sorry, so sorry...

I watched the entire final round of ice dancing despite my pronunciation that the sport is just a dumping ground for figure skaters who can't land jumps. It was a fantastic performance of considerable difficulty, and I would like to say I'm sorry. I'm still not a fan of ice dancing, but I concede that I should not have written what I did. I watched their winning routine, and yes there was a high degree of difficulty despite the lack of jumping. The jumps are what I like the most about figure skating and I maintain that figure skating is more difficult, but the two of you did a magnificent job and deserved to own that podium tonight.

The Soloman Show today was repeatedly running the caption "Dashed Dreams" when talking about the Olympics, but you know what Evan, I can name a number of Canadian athletes who have lived their dreams. Sure a former drunk may have fallen on his face right before the finals finish line, our alpine skiers have sucked, and our speed skaters keep falling out of contention on the last lap, but there has been a reason to celebrate. We are now only two gold medals behind the USA with the 4 curling and hockey medals yet to be decided. Perhaps you define owning the podium as the most top 3 finishes, or perhaps you define it as most gold bullion?

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