Friday, December 11, 2009

Rosemary Barton's a Year in Review

I am watching Rosemary Barton hosting the Soloman show on the CBC, and 30 minutes in I am at a loss for words. I am trying to think of the best way to describe what I'm watching, and it is not complimentary. She is lovable in a Bridgette Jones kind of way, with a naive innocence that can be endearing. Like when she is standing on the streets of Ottawa and Obama's motorcade drove by, she started screaming "I think he saw me!" like she was 12 years old at a Jonas Brothers concert. But when she actually sits in the big chair and offers her opinion on the big picture meaning of specific stories; she is lost in space. Her grasp of the meaning of events is juvenile at best.

I was not the biggest fan of Newman, but in watching the awful downward spiral of partisan incompetence that has followed in the wake of his retirement…I miss Don Newman. I can't take much more Barton or Soloman before I just stop watching. I am certain that the CBC does not want to lose one of its dozens of viewers in that time slot. I do enjoy the Lang and O'Leary Exchange, but that is not to say that I always agree with them.

Here is “the power panel”, should be interesting. I am agreeing a lot with Rob Russo, even Don Martin; but this is definitely the most bitter, pointed, and slanted that I have ever seen Julie Van Dussen. She has her face buried in her notes while using a very spiteful tone of voice, and she doesn't want to look up at the camera. I'm willing to bet the notes she kept looking down at were in Donolo's hand writing. I do disagree with Rob Russo that Canada is ready for Ignatieff. That seems like a stupid thing to say. Rosie is leading every question to a negative. She seems completely incapable of expressing the opinion that the government did anything good this entire year.

Oh wait a minute, here is the wise and sage like Margo MacDermid to tell us some good news. Okay, so we are not getting any of the good news, but rather two CBC "journalists" joking back and forth about Tory Ministers outlining the Government's accomplishments in the last year. Don't actually discuss the good news, but rather make a mockery of the fact that they are even suggesting that anything good happened this year. Got it. Is Donolo producing the show today?

Sorry Rosemary, I have muted you for this CRTC segment. The way you set it up, I was not interested in listening. But I will turn the volume back on when you enlighten us about Copenhagen after the commercial break. Never again will I buy Bounty Paper Towels, or Cascade Dish Soap, or Pantene Pro V Shampoo. Ever. Great, Rosemary is back on to enlighten us on climate change. This guy she chose to interview is a complete goofball. He seems to lack the ability to speak coherently with any emotion. Sometimes you see a person speak as a spokesperson, and you really wonder how the hell they got a job speaking about anything for a living.

Does Rosemary avoid talking about Economics because she doesn't know anything about it, or because virtually all of the economic news is good news? I suspect that it is a little bit of both. Here she is hosting a "year in review" show about the government, and she is just drilling the bad news into the narrative, whether she can make it stick or not. It is too bad. I liked Rosemary Barton back when she reported the news. Now that she is offering her interpretation of the meaning of news stories, she is lost in space.

Oh Lord, here comes Kady O’Mally to talk about the internet reactions. Fascinating to know that there is a "hilarious" Photoshop manipulation contest over in the Liberal blogosphere, and that Stephen Harper himself manages to manipulate the Blogging Tories. Though they never mention the Blogging Tories by name, they merely reference “sympathetic bloggers”. At least Kady doesn’t make any effort to hide her partisan bias, where mainstreamers like Rosemary have to at least pretend to be impartial. I have a disclaimer right at the top of my page that I am a Libertarian who votes Conservative.

I suppose the CBC gave up impartiality long ago…

Just read for yourself what some of the Liberal Bloggers are saying today...


  1. What the hell is the deal with Julie van Dusen's hair?
    Is she trying to scare us?

  2. Here in southern Ontario Corner Gas is on at five o'clock on The Comedy Network and I've become an avid viewer.
    I switch to the politainment shows during commercials but there's usually nothing on that I, a political junkie, find worth watching.
    At six I tune in to Michael Coren on CTS.

  3. CBC does not want 'bright intelligent people(reporters)only those who are easily led; because if they(reporters) were bright intelligent and cared greatly for their reputation as 'good' reporters, they will not be there nor be succumb to CBC's will of lies.

  4. The Liberals and NDP have now proclaimed to the world, that they have found the smoking gun - the hard piece of evidence - that was needed as proof of Taliban torture, that our Canadian troops were complicit of, in Afghanistan. With this proof in hand , they now demand the resignation of Defense Minister Peter McKay, and want to launch a multi million dollar enquiry that will run for months, a final report for which many of us are lucky will be given in our life time, but is guaranteed to balloon bank accounts and secure a big pension for scores of lawyers and an assortment of moochers, at the expense of the downtrodden and exploited Canadian taxpayer.
    The facts of this piece of evidence, as documented by a soldier's field notes, are that in the heat of battle on the battlefield, not in a Afghan jail, a Taliban detainee in the process of being turned over to Afghan officials was attacked with an ordinary shoe. To their credit the fine brave men and women of our Armed Forces ,while under fire, immediately took him back into their custody to prevent this alleged case of torture from continuing.
    The last case of a torture with a shoe attack, that I can recall, was when President George Bush was attacked with a shoe by a terrorist ( somebody said it was a member of the media, but as one kibitzer asked, is there a difference), and since the incident was recorded on TV, there was no doubt it occurred, and the proof was undeniable. However what is significant is - did President George Bush demand an enquiry for security, torture, abuse etc. Hell no - he just ducked and smiled and the world moved on, and the terrorist got his shoes back, taxpayers smiled, and everybody lived happily ever after.
    Did the Liberals, NDP and the media, that now demand an enquiry for the attack, on a Taliban terrorist with a shoe, demand an enquiry or even raise a fuss, for a shoe attack on our ally the President of the United States? Did they even condemn this act of torture? You are right - not a whimper. The only question that remains is the cheers we heard from them, were they for Bush or for the terrorist - dumb question you say and I agree. What's wrong with this picture - what am I missing? Is this the game of politics as practiced by unscrupulous and sleazy politicians?

  5. If Rosemary Barton could unglue the hair from her head , it would possibly give enough room for her brain to slightly expand. Perhaps she could then give the few dozen cbc viewers the news without her boring, scripted Liberal spin !!