Thursday, December 24, 2009

Going Prorogue

Evidently there is a rumour in circulation that the Prime Minister will request that the Governor General prorogue Parliament in January until after the Olympic Games. While I understand there is a tactical advantage to this strategy, I generally prefer Parliament to stay open for business as much as possible. I strongly support proroguing Parliament when a goof, a Marxist, and a separatist have signed a pact to overthrow a newly elected government. In this current instance of possible prorogation, I have no strong objections. We are preparing to host a major International event in less than 2 months, and I would like the full force of government to get behind it.

I strongly disagreed with Gordon Campbell's past decisions to cancel entire sittings of the legislature, and I do not advocate prorogation under normal circumstances. But it is rare to have a goof, a Marxist, and a separatist sign a pact to overthrow a newly elected government, and even rarer to host the World at an Olympic games. I would like Government ministries to continue operations during this period of time, but I will not be offended or outraged if we pause Parliament for a few weeks.

I would like to see the Justice Department prepare criminal charges for the Yes Men; because I guarantee you that they are already planning their Olympic experience. It would be nice if we could place them under arrest when they step off the airplane. According to a poll done by Iceman-Decibal Research, 91% of respondents would like to see the Yes Men charged with a criminal offense for impersonating government officials at an International conference.


  1. Man. The usual suspect apparently objects to the idea that a coalition government that, yes, was entirely constitutional, would be so decisively judged as undesirable.

    How quickly they rush to forget all about democracy. It's sad, really, is what it is.

  2. Patrick, it is generally my policy not to link that site and I discourage people from visiting. I like the traffic to flow in a singular direction, to my site where I collect revenue from page impressions. CC is a big "earner" for me. I think that I may use the money his minions have sent to me to buy a copy of Ann Coulter's latest book...

    Being on his shit list is good for business. I always consider it to be a job well done when I have earned his ire.

  3. It's getting to the point where, unless the guy really pushes things, I'm just going to adopt the same policy.

    This whole "challenge Steve Janke to fight then chicken out when someone is willing to fight" episode has really just killed the novelty.

    Robbie Day is WNBA: all pussy. At this point, everyone knows it, and frankly he won't even try to match wits with anyone.

    So, yup. Robbie's jumped the shark, and there's no sense in pretending otherwise.