Friday, December 4, 2009

An Antithesis to Colbert?

Stephen Colbert has risen to extreme popularity by doing a parody of Bill O'Reilly. He pushes the right wing to its satirical limits, which the left wing adores because the prism through which Colbert parodies the right plays right into the left wing wheel house. At the same time, there are young conservatives who enjoy the show for the pure comedy and enjoy the character he portrays more than the comedian himself. It cuts both ways. I can't say with absolute certainty who Colbert really supports in the voting booth, but I suspect there is a high probability he is a democrat; hence why he has created a career parodying to right wing.

Which has gotten me to thinking, why hasn't anyone emerged as the right wing antithesis of Colbert? Where are the comedic minds mocking the far left in a similar fashion? Trust me, if anyone wants to parody the far left, there is a treasure of untapped ideas. Colbert has inspired a generation of left wing comedians to go behind enemy lines and pretend to be conservatives in the name of satire. In some cases, such as the Yes Men, they try to convince conservatives that they are conservatives, hoping to catch them being tricked on camera. For Colbert, the shtick almost works better if people know it's a joke. People don't stop watching the show when they find out that he's not really a Republican.

We need more people making a mockery of the far left, because there is certainly lots to mock! Some of these Liberal Bloggers are just crazy....


  1. Because Cheech and Chong were mocking the left years ago.

  2. As far as mockability goes, I think that our Liberals have a lot more in common with the Republicans. Despite being on opposite ends of the political spectrum, they both operate in much the same fashion; a sense of entitlement, over the top mock outrage at everything the other side does, absolute lunatics shilling for them in the MSM, no lie too big, etc, etc.

    Ann Coulter and Heather Mallick are essentially playing the same character, for instance. Different politics, same effect.

    All of which, to me, means a counter-Colbert type of character would work especially well here in Canada. The Canadian left is a much bigger joke than the American left, it's a gold mine for comedy.

    BTW, I'm pretty sure that Marx-A-Million is already playing that role. His posts read like carefully crafted comedy to me. It's got me laughing, that's for sure!

  3. Here's why the left has to mock conservatives.
    Because the left doesn't need anyone mocking them for the general public to laugh at them just by being themselves.
    You tell me, how seriously should I take Kady OMalley?

  4. Liberals what hippocrates,They won't support Mr.Harper on his stand on human rights in China.
    They tie up the house of commons fighting for the taliban who are killing our sons and daughters.Do we believe in human rights or just when its for political gain.