Friday, October 23, 2009

(insert CBC employee name) "You're Fired"

If you were awarded the right to play the role of Donald Trump and send a CBC television or radio personality to the unemployment line, whom would you select? I will start the poll later this evening, but I wanted to get my final list approved before I do. I will only include the top 5 names in my poll for logistics purposes. Who belongs on that list and who does not? State your case.

1) Evan Soloman: 911 Truther Tribute on the eve of 5th anniversary of 911.

2) Nallah Ayed: Hassan Nasrallah, a "hero of the people".

3) Peter Mansbridge: On Palin story, outrage at PM encouraging investment in Canada.

4) Heather Mallick: I have never read her blog, but others tell me she is the worst of the lot.

5) Harvey Cashore: What started as a story has become a blood feud that clouds his opinion. I don't know if he is an active CBC employee, but he sure shows up on Newsworld a lot.

On the outside looking in: Susan Bonner, Julie Van Dussen Chantal Hebert (if she even counts as a CBC employee), Strumbolopoolis, Mercer, the entire cast of Royal Canadian Air Farce if they haven't been canned already, Alan Park, Neil MacDonald, and Terry Whizzniewski.

Immunity: Rosemary Barton, Q, Suhana Meharchand, Colleen Jones, and the entire cast of Hockey Night in Canada.


  1. Ditto!

    Susan Bonner and Julie Van Dusen? Oh what to do, what to do.
    I'm fine with Mercer and have never had the joyful experience of the other candidates.

    Take Chantel Herbert, off. She is a brilliant journalist even if you don't agree with her.

  2. Definitely Peter Mansbridge and Evan Soloman.
    And just to change the subject, Old Eaglebeak needs to get canned from CTV. If people were so aghast at Duffy's supposed bias, Craig Oliver has him beat by MILES! He also appears to be going senile in his old age - the man always looks so lost and confused by how dismally his Liberals are doing!

  3. It is done. I voted for Evan Soloman.

  4. CBC television is still on the air???? Who knew!!! The only one I can picture from memory is Mansbridge. I, like PM Harper, don't watch Canadian news(?).

  5. Nasty Neil Macdonald

  6. I seem to remember Gywnne Dyer the leftist historian popping up on the CBC all the time, but maybe he is 'only' writing books these days.

  7. Julie Van Dusen for her outrage at the PM for shutting out the media.

  8. Every single CBC employee without discrimination or distiction

  9. All of them. The CBC should be totally scrapped. And when is Susan Boner going to ask Iggy if he loves Canada?

  10. The Ceeb doesn't need to be purged.
    Just sell it and the forces of free market capitalism will do the rest.

  11. Peter Mansbridge for that embarrassing interview with the PM during the collation fiasco where he tried to press the PM into accepting responsibility for the oppositions lunacy. Mansbridge was openly biased, rude, and unprofessional ... a news reader hack well out of this depth.

  12. Peter Mansbridge for introducing the Sarah Palin story suggesting her daughter was the real mother of 4 1/2 months Trig AND 5 months pregnant by telling us that the McCain campaign hadn't done enough research before choosing her as running mate.
    How long would some intrepid young CBC'er have had to pore over a grade 6 biology text to research whether it's possible for a woman to be 5 months pregnant AND the mother of a 4 1/2 month old baby?

    And why not get rid of Julie Van Medusa?
    Her hair scares the hell out of me.


  13. Ah, nothing like a dose of snorting anger from a bunch of illiterate wingnuts.

  14. It has to be Heather Mallick, hands down.

    Just because the CBC is evidently declining to publish her ill-advised attempts at political punditry doesn't mean she isn't still trying to punch above her weight.


    "Because Canada didn't refuse a refugee claimant on the basis of race, it will be the end of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, from the far right".

    Couldn't make this stuff up if I wanted to.

  15. Couldn't make this stuff up if I wanted to.

    Even if you wanted to, you're too much of a psychotic and an idiot to do it.

  16. Well, seeing as how we know precisely whose behest you're here at, we'll have to take "psychotic" and "idiot" with a grain of salt.