Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Donolo Secret?

Iggy has a new Chief of Staff and Donolo is his name-o. D-O-N-O-L-O, D-O-N-O-L-O, D-O-N-O-L-O, and Donolo is his name-O! A former Field Marshal of Jean Chretien who stepped aside in 1999? Gee, I'd be awfully curious to know what he was doing in and around the time of the Sponsorship Program...

I don't know much about him, at least not enough to make a pop culture comparison. He seems to have a mystical aura among Liberals for his work during the Chretien Dynasty, a Liberal Prime Minister who never defeated a united right.

It feels like those Rolo commercials. Jean goes to Iggy and says, "would you like my last Donolo?"

I'm just test driving some of my early Donolo jokes.

1 comment:

  1. He seems very well liked and garners a rather large dose of respect and yet when I first saw him interviewed during the 05/06 campaign, I instantly sensed a partisanship and somewhat cocky nature. I was unclear of his leanings so felt my reaction, was fairly unbiased.

    I'm sure that he has terrific credentials and I suppose that working for Chretien could be a feather in his cap but let's not forget, Chretien's tenure, was a cake walk. What was there to compete against with an extremely fractured and rebuilding, right. I'm not sure that these comparisons are justified.

    Iffy, has no political experience, none. He has never been in government and he has never held a cabinet position let alone the reported hit and miss attendance at committee meetings. Has he ever chaired a committee, even?
    I mean, what exactly is there to work with other than his own perception (and I suppose a few others)that he is a legend.
    Well as the cliche goes, A legend in his own mind....but aren't they all?
    I'd say this is looking like a typical 'Liberals in Denial', thing.