Thursday, October 29, 2009

Heather Mallick, you should be fired!

Even though Heather Mallick is not technically a CBC employee, she does have a column at Thankfully she does not appear to have posted anything on the CBC website since June, and we should keep it that way. I think everyone is entitled to an opinion and she is free to write whatever she likes, I just don't have time for it on the my national broadcaster because they receive my tax dollars. If there is a market for her brand of opinion, then by all means write your little heart out. Where myself and others become frustrated is when a writer like Mallick on the CBC website writes something so flagrantly insulting to a demographic of people and it draws international attention; that is not something I want appearing on a government sponsored webpage.

I laugh at the idea that she is "left of center", and I assert that an English Lit degree does not qualify someone to be employed having a national political opinion. If the Toronto Star wants to publish her material, fantastic for her. I just don't want her nonsense on the CBC website, which is consistent with the results of my "most foolhardy CBC employee" poll. The poll has yet to officially close, but right now it appears she will handily defeat Man-bridge for the one CBC employee most deserving of being booted from the public to the private sector. She should have been permanently banished from the CBC when she wrote that story about Sarah Palin.

Personally I think the statements of CBC Ombudsman Vince Carlin said it best:

"there is no factual basis for a broad scale conclusion about the sexual adequacy of Republican men" and "that type of comment, applied to any other group, would easily be seen as, at best, puerile."

He also noted that Mallick's "characterization of Palin supporters as white trash lacks a factual basis." Carlin wrote that he had asked Ms. Mallick to explain the basis for these characterizations and although she explained her opinions of Ms. Palin, she "did not provide a factual justification for the statements."

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  1. Mallick is an embarrassment.

    She was so embarrassing to the CBC that they seem to have entirely declined to print her political pieces since it became apparent that her "Mighty Wind" was little more than a sloppy fart on the CBC website.

    Case in point.

    Now, the next lefty-lunatic nut to be cracked has to be Antonia Zerbisias. She has got to be crazy to the core.