Friday, October 30, 2009

The Evan Soloman Show

I finally had the opportunity to watch an episode of the Evan Soloman Show and confirmed what I predicted would happen. It sucks. That is my scientific and scholarly review of Power and Politics. It was pathetically poorly performed. I was no great fan of Don Newman, but the Don was so far and away better than what Evan is that it is sad this crappy new show is filling the old Politics time slot. Far be it from me to "wax nostalgia" about an old CBC Show, but where have you gone Don Newman, common sense turns its lonely eyes to you.

I also noticed that Mr. Soloman seems to be having a little difficulty securing advertising. Most of the ads during his program were purchased by *gasp* the CBC! There was a splash of private sector advertising, and to Manulife, I'm watching you. I am also considering terminating my own business with the Royal Bank. I don't appreciate my user fees being spent to "market the brand" on the Soloman Show, it is bad enough as it is that my tax dollars may be used to save a sinking ship. I'm not sure how long this debacle will last. If he can't secure advertising, how long will the CBC keep him afloat?


  1. He should have stayed with Sundays... one day a week is more tolerable!

  2. This abortion of a TV show can't last long.