Thursday, October 29, 2009

Climate Clowns

Having absorbed the term "climate justice" into my brain, I have been thinking about the most appropriate word to put immediately after "climate" to best describe the clowns actively participating in this PR blitzkrieg happening in the "tactical ridings" right now. Bloodyface-Gate was a stumble out of the blocks. They are now as vulnerable as ever to "common sense".

Before I start my web poll of what word should follow climate in describing these misguided idiots henceforth forevermore, I would like some ideas. My best ideas so far are...

1) Climate Clowns
2) Climate Crazies
3) Climate Hooligans
4) Climate Kooladers
5) Climate (insert your own idea)

PS: How much do you want to bet that these loons have some obscene over the top display planned for Halloween? Don't be distracted by shock and awe. Stick to their old forecast models that have been proven totally inaccurate.


  1. Canadian Climate Clowns. Rhymes with K...k...k...

    By strange co-incidence, yesterdays' free transit newspapers were plastered with one page ads for "" (tck-tck-tck time for climate justice). Now you don't suppose that the little stunt on Parliament hill had anything to do with the launch of this new advocacy group, do you?

    I thought not. Greens have principles. What a shame they put them into carbon storage.

  2. Climate Zombies. They got mindlessly moving in one direction and see nothing else. I would say brain dead but that would be impolite.

    Rob C