Saturday, October 24, 2009

Canadian News?

I don't know about the rest of you, but I would rather have my Prime Minister doing his job than watching television. If there is a hostage crisis, I want the PM to get his news directly from the RCMP Officer in Command of the incident that Julie Van Duusen does not have access to. God forbid a kid get stuck in a balloon in Canada, I'm not convinced that I'd want my leader following the situation live on CBC Newsworld. I have seen that movie before. Granted, I don't watch much American news either, unless I am in America. Dennis Miller on the O'Reilly Factor is must see TV. The day CNN hired DL Hugley to "do the news", I turned them off forever. I know DL from his many appearances on the Bill Maher Show. He really should not have a public opinion, and I have no time for a network who believes he should.

My two primary sources for real Canadian news are the National Post and the Globe and Mail. I buy their newspapers for the op-eds, and visit their websites for regular coverage. I reach for the Post first, but buy the Globe when the Post is sold out.

I watch CBC Newsworld a lot because they tell me what is happening in Canada right now, and I like to focus on Canadian content. As a taxpayer I am also paying for it, so what the hell, right? You just need to learn how to filter what they send you. Do I care if my PM watches Canadian news? Not in the least! As my HEAD OF STATE, in any real time current breaking story Stephen Harper gets his news from the people on the ground working the situation. That's why we have something called "Cabinet". Any leader doing his job should be very busy conducting government business. I want him doing his job, not watching the tube. If he is winding down at the end of the day, is it important for the Prime Minister to watch Mansbridge do the National? Is that a must? Because the rest of the day he is busy running the country! Infact, the less spare time he has to watch TV, the harder he is working to run Canada!

Remind me why this is a controversy?


  1. BANG! you hit the nail right on the head buddy! I think this non-issue should go the way of Wafergate...
    Who cares what the PM does in his spare time? As long as he isn't sacrificing goats to Vishnu, I think he's free to do whatever he wants, even if that means avoiding *Gasp* Canadian News Media.

  2. Absolutely agree. What is there to watch that could be called news? And what is there that is useful in the 19 minute repeating loop on newsworld for a national leader? I don't watch these channels for any news so I certainly don't expect the PM to.

  3. I find it very difficult to listen to the television broadcast media from Canada. I have no local paper with any credibility on anything. I have one local radio station that is fairly reasonable. The bulk of my information comes from internet sources. I can not imagine why the Prime Minister would waste a millisecond of his time paying attention to Canadian media. He can pqay someone to undertake that "dirty job" for him

  4. You cretins shouldn't be allowed to vote.

  5. The MSM is in a tizzy over this non-issue because they have to face the fact that they cannot make much headway with the "big lie" when your primary target refuses to read or watch the drivel that you force feed the public on a daily basis.