Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trudeau Book Title, poll relaunch

I had some fantastic feedback for the suggested title of the next book about Pierre Trudeau, and thus I need to re-launch my poll with some new options. I will include the top 3 vote getters from the original poll, and add Holier Than Mao, The Father of Deconfederation, and The Man Behind Ottawa's Iron Curtain. I am sorry that I did not put this to a nomination process originally. I get some outstanding feedback from my readers that I should have cultivated before launching such an "earth shattering" survey.

The top 3 from the original poll are:

Evil and Wrong (30%)
Apocalypse Pierre (20%)
N.E.P - R.I.P (17%)

I would like to encourage my visitors to take this opportunity to make a comment below and regale me with your stories about how Pierre Trudeau wronged you. I would like to publish a long list of the sins of the father (*cough*Justin*cough*) and even write a piece about how terrible Pierre Trudeau truly was at the act of leadership. He could win elections, but he did institutional harm to Canada that might never be undone.

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  1. Pierre Trudeau directly prevented me from jobs in which it was necessary to be a minority and speak french.