Friday, October 23, 2009

Maxime Bernier, I forgive you

I like Maxime Bernier. Leaving an important government document at his girlfriend's apartment was a boneheaded thing to do, but I am willing to bet money that he never makes that mistake again. Then there was the allegation and book about Maxime encouraging his girlfriend to show cleavage in public because she happened to be sexy. Wouldn't it have been more offensive to tell her to cover up because she doesn't look good?

Despite "cleavage-gate" and "file folder-gate", Mr. Bernier still crushed his Bloc opponent in The Beauce by nearly 25,000 votes in 2008. The Beauce is one of the coolest riding names in Canada from a phonetic perspective. The people that he represents in parliament love the man. Despite a "controversy" that felt like it came from the movie Slapshot, with Maxime as Morris watching the ice capades.

Morris - "I don't like how they cover up their jugs"

Dennis Lemieux - "you make me sick when you speak Morris"

Morris - "this isn't art, this is sex!"

I forgive Maxime for his error, and I would like to see him in a quality cabinet office. His ex-girlfriend had a screw loose. As a writer I am pissed off that she got a book deal over being good looking and showing cleavage in public. That lowers the standard for book deals. I hope Scott Reid doesn't get a book deal.


  1. I bet she would have sold more books if she showed a little more cleavage on the cover...

  2. I agree with Anonymous. We of the Right, or any other position in the political spectrum for that matter, would unanimously concede this publication more successful with cleavage doing the illustrating rather than a file-folder. Pork-barrelling turns into Porky's. Maybe Bernier should've hung onto her. It's not like it was a Billy - Monica thing, with cigars and stuff.

  3. She was using Maxime to advance her own profile. I'm willing to bet that she desired publishing a book called "My Story" before she ever sunk her hooks in the honourable MP from the Beauce.