Monday, May 23, 2011

Who Will Become The Permanent Liberal Leader?

Today's poll question; who will lead the Liberal Party into the next Canadian election. The question is not who should be, but who will be. The Party may very well wait 2 years before naming a permanent leader. Will it be someone not currently sitting in Parliament? Surely the Liberals have to have operatives down in the United States scouring the Ivy Leagues for the next false prophet. I strongly suspect the Liberals who want to wait 2 years to pick a new leader are not the same Liberals who want Bob Rae to become leader. The Liberals who are receptive to a merger with the NDP surely are more likely to support Bob Rae.

I did recently ask in a poll question who should be the interim leader, and your response was:


Stephane Dion (40%)
Ralph Goodale (17%)
Bob Rae (11%)
Dominic LeBlanc (10%)
Justin Trudeau (8%)
John McCallum (7%)
Scott Brison (3%)

Stephane Dion was not included as an option for the permanent job because there is a 0% chance that the Liberals would follow him into another election. It is more likely that the Party implodes and folds into the NDP, following Jack Layton into the next election. Remember, if 100% of Liberal voters instead voted NDP, Layton would be projected to win about 187 seats. Then again, in 2000 the Alliance + PC vote = 38%. After their merger, the Conservatives scored 29% of the popular vote. There was a migration from the Tory left flank to the Liberals, people like Scott Brison, Keith Martin, and Joe Clark.


  1. Denis Coderre best represents Liberal values.


  2. It will be whoever the Power Corp crew and the old boys club decide it will be.

    Rob C

  3. I hope the Liberals do have a comeback and overtake the NDP. Dominic LeBlanc seems like a likely choice for the next leader but someone outside caucus may be good for the prty.

  4. If the Liberals make a comeback? Who or what do they represent that makes it possible for them to return?

    This is actually a serious question and not a snark; whoever can answer that question and put it into practice will indeed be able to eclipse the NDP.

  5. It's gotta be Marc Garneau. If a Haavard scholar didn't do the trick, surely an astronaut will do it.