Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ralph Goodale Evicted

After an election, MPs get to choose their office space in the Parliamentary building and preference is given based on how each party performed on voting day. Conservatives had first choice of offices and left the Liberals alone. The NDP have second choice, and they most certainly want some of the nice Liberal offices in center block. The Liberals aren't happy. Veteran MP Ralph Goodale has one such office, or should I say "had" one such office, as he has been issued his eviction notice so a Dipper can move in. Bob Rae's spacious corner office could be next. To be fair though, the Dippers are letting Stephane Dion keep his office, no doubt a reward for the coalition agreement of December 2008.

Poor Ralph, his office was right beside the cafeteria too. I wonder how far he'll have to walk now to eat lunch? Oh the humanity! When asked about the evictions the NDP spokesperson said that on May 2nd Canadians voted for change, and obviously that includes the nice offices. Who will be moving into Ralph's office? The Globe and Mail did not say, but with its proximity to the cafeteria, I could hazard a guess or two...


  1. With such a late eviction notice I bet the best offices have been taken. Is there a broom closet not being used.
    Are all the Bloc offices taken. Are the 4 elected bloc allowed to keep their office.

  2. Ralph Goodale needs to retire.

  3. Where's Dizzy Mae's the Green Queen? Out behind the Centre Block with the cats?

  4. The Lieberals are toast, extinction looming, the end.

  5. Check this out Iceman.

    The odds that CBC covers the story 0.2%
    The odds the the G&M covers it 4.3%