Friday, May 6, 2011

Harper Invades Quebec!

Oh no, it is exactly as Scott Reid and Paul Martin feared, if given a majority government Stephen Harper would invade Canadian cities. Shortly after winning a large majority, the armoured personnel carriers started rolling into Quebec. As we speak they are putting up sandbags around a small community, possibly to entrench their position for the battle ahead. I'm sure they are not there to protect the citizens from a natural disaster, this is part of Stephen Harper's secret agenda. This is what Scott Reid predicted, that's how I know it is true...

Soldiers with guns in our streets, in Canada. I'm not making this up.

PS: I do want to say thank you to those people (military and civilian) who are putting their own safety at risk to help protect others. Keep doing what you do!


  1. NO... Harper invades the internet and starts monitoring where we link, who we associate with, and punishes us for "hateful" speech...whatever that means.

  2. hehe trying to score the gig with the media party?

  3. Well, actually I'm sure they are mostly coming from St. Jean Sur Richelieu base, so not exactly invading Quebec. Also it looks like the recruits and students at the collège militaire had to move to the base as the college campus is getting pretty wet.

  4. LOL!I remember that attack ad too.Well cant say it didnt come true!:P

  5. Soldiers>with guns>in our city's>I'm not making this up.
    A Quebecker's are damn glad to see them.
    Suck eggs Gilles.

  6. good maybe my people will finally shut up, we are Canadian too, just dickheaded northerners in shitty ville du québec will learn to grow a pair and stop calling themselves unique, fucking retards