Friday, May 20, 2011

Canada Does Not Agree With Obama On Israel

The Canadian government is not going to follow Barak Obama's lead in demanding that Israel return to 1967 borders, and I applaud my government for doing so. If Obama thinks that returning the Golan Heights to Syria and sharing Jerusalem with Hamas is going to lead to long term peace, that is wishful thinking at best and depraved disregard at worst. The Syrians are a brutally repressive regime who used the Golan Heights (a strategic military position) multiple times attempting to conquer and destroy the state of Israel. By about the 3rd invasion of Israel by Syria through the Golan Heights, I'd say the Syrians forfeited their right to that territory. 3 strikes and you're out! I'm also not so sure that the people who live there would want to go back to Syrian control after 45 years. Maybe you haven't noticed, but when people rally in opposition to Assad, they end up dead.

Returning to the 1967 borders also includes giving half of Jerusalem back to the Arabs, which would be a logistical nightmare. Is Obama also demanding right of return? What if I told Obama that Texas should return to its pre 1836 border with Mexico. We should move hundreds of thousands additional Mexicans into Dallas and Houston and put them under the control of the Mexican government. Mexico has a legitimate historical claim to Texas. Why isn't Obama addressing this? I'm outraged!

We should be seeking sanctions and punishment against Assad's regime in Syria, not seeking to give them more land and put more people under their repressive rule. Hamas remains the elected government of Palestine, and I really don't see how these two sides are going to peacefully share a metropolis. That could go to hell in a hurry.


  1. The majority is starting to pay off already. In a minority,Layton,Duceppe, and Ignatieff would have demanded Canada follow the lead of the most naive,unworldly,(or deliberately wicked) POTUS in history.

    Obama has the ego and "I can save the world" ideology of Woodrow Wilson, and the wilful blindness and naivety of Jimmy Carter. Together,it makes for a dangerous combination.

  2. What a disingenuous position!! There would have been peace long ago if the Palestinian 'cause' hadn't been hijacked by Islamists - from the onset.

    Israelis have time and again bent over backwards in concessions to to the Palestinians. Either he doesn't know the history of this conflict or he's being intentionally disingenuous. Any thinking person knows it's the latter.

    Sadly the track record with the Democrats where Israel is concerned is checkered with such 'reversals' and there is a verifiable history of this fact.

    That people cannot be forced into a peace is quite obvious! The fact is the Palestinian collective have yet to accept that Israel has a right to exist. They have yet to accept that Israel should have a right to the city of Jerusalem - undivided.

    Why should they retreat those pre '67 borders? Is it that Obama is in denial about HOW they gained this territory in '67? Was Israel not attacked? What other nation has had to relinquish territories gained after an attack?

    It's very disheartening to see leaders playing sides like this!

    Yes there should be a Palestinian state and yes there ought to be a balanced settlement. That will not happen with this present course.

    Even if they get some of the Palestinians to accept a peace accord they won't get Hamas to accept it! They will not!

    Seeing all the problems I have with 'government' I wonder - will Obama's administration target people like myself for such critical assessments?

    At least our Prime Minister isn't so deluded and disingenuous!!

  3. "If Obama thinks that returning the Golan Heights to Syria"

    The Israelis already offered. Syria refused to take 'yes' for an answer.

  4. As I posted at Trusty Tory:

    Un-effin-believable, isn’t it?
    Take a gander over to any CBC article on Israel and you’ll find that there are about a million mental midgets all commenting in agreement with Obama. Secret agendas don’t scare me. It’s these unhidden ones, foisted upon us by the f@cktards on the left that scare me. Those idiots all seem to agree that to promote peace and democracy, we should abandon the only democracy in the Middle East to the dictatorial regimes that surround it. I thought that conservatives were supposed to be rednecks, but these guys are so far back in the woods that they have to come out for hunting season.
    It’s no wonder that my whiskey cell count is higher than normal.

  5. '..a million mental midgets all commenting in agreement with Obama...'

    yes, the 'progressives' ,
    Obama needs the progressive vote for re-election in 2012