Monday, May 30, 2011

Liberals Fall To 15%

To those of us who thought the Liberal Party had sunk to rock bottom with their 18.9% showing in the May 2nd federal election, guess again. The latest post election poll has the once vaunted "natural governing party" down to a paltry 15%. They had been polling around the 30% mark when they foolishly decided to force this election in March, a decision that now has to be viewed as one of the worst political moves in the history of Canada. They brought down the government on purpose and in the process have caused catastrophic harm to their public support. The Tories are sitting at 38% and the NDP at 33%. The Dippers now have more than double the popular support of the Liberals.

This Harris Decima poll was done before Bob Rae officially became the Liberal leader, so we will see how the numbers move in the coming weeks as Parliament resumes. It will be an uphill battle for the Liberals now that they sit in 3rd place with a small caucus. They will not get as much TV time and media attention as they are accustomed to, which might ironically help their poll numbers but hamper their ability to raise money. Convincing someone to say Liberal in a telephone poll is much easier than convincing them to donate money.


  1. How is the ndpq ratings outside of Quebec. I bet it will go way down within a year.

  2. As much as I'm enjoying the liberals troubles I think they will bounce back.

    How many people would have self identified after Frankenstein Campbell ran the Tories into the ground in 1993?

    Harper's next frontier is Atlantic Canada.
    He still has to live down his reputation there much like the liberals have to live down the NEP in Alberta.
    The liberals showed surprising resilience there before they stalled out across the rest of the country.

    If he gets Atlantic Canada next time, he can still go around Quebec.

  3. Go around Quebec???He did it this time without most of Atlantic Canada also.If they don,t want representation by their own local candidates,then PM Harper will represent them anyway,as he does for Quebec.Only thing is,there is no local candidate in the house making sure local issues are met.Imagine voting for NDP & Liberal...What in hell were Quebec & Atlantic Canada thinking other than trying to screw the rest of Canada with a coalition .NO THANKS,we won without you and remember that next time you go out to vote.

  4. I was shocked by Newfoundland shutting out the conservatives again. It appears that newfoundlanders still think they are a have not province. If they vote in an NDP provincial government like Nova Scotia then don't complain to me ( I live in Manitoba). NDP purposedly govern to milk the have not status.
    Take a look at well Saskatchewan has done since they voted out the NDP.

  5. I predict that the Liberal numbers will return to mid 20's by Christmas. It won't be because of anything they do. It will happen because the NDP and the Green Party will just keep stepping in their own doo-doo! If they are smart they will keep out of the news with the exception of some townhall events.

  6. Will Black Jack become 'neurologically challenged' from talking out of both sides of his mouth, to both sides of his party and Canada? Could he possibly make a fatal error and wake up to the nightmare of a fractured Official Opposition?

    Enter Bob the fix-it man who saves Jack the painful decision of having to vacate his new official digs at Stornaway...(such status Jacques,Non?)... by offering up his services,(and motley Liberal Crew) as the necessary means (make that seat count)for maintaining his newfound prestige and a lifestyle to which he has now become accustomed to.

    Jack of course well eventually see the wisdom of this as it DOES require an awful lot of deceit and energy to maintain a dual life in politics...appeasing Quebec and maintaining the benevolence of his English base: especially with that 'nefarious' internet getting out the message almost before those slippery words get a chance to leap off his errant tongue!

    This may appear like a breath of fresh air to a best-before dated Jack and the big question for him is of course will be "Can you trust Bob?!"

    As for Bob...Well he's used to playing 2nd least for a short interlude. He did it with the professor(s) and look who's boss now?

    I'm sure we could all bet good money on Wiley Bob's political aspirations...especially since time isn't on his side...nor is funding.

    Besides rebuilding a party when your sixty three is a time consumming affair and not in the best interests of Bob.

    Bob could also argue that he's the best man for the job as he already has NDP experience.

    Two questions remain:

    What will Tommy Mulcair call his new Quebec party?

    And what will Bob call his new hybrid socialist party?

    I suppose one could also ask about Jack but I don't think it will matter by then.

  7. "natural governing party", my eye, those Libtards used to call themselves the "natural ruling party".

    Their arrogance is beyond belief, they will embrace the death of their party before too long.

    Bob Rae is actually their "grim reaper".