Monday, May 9, 2011

Liberal Scorched Earth

Most pundits agree that the Liberal Party will find themselves in dire financial straights if the Conservatives cut tax payer subsidies to political parties. Susan Delacourt was on Power Play today declaring that Stephen Harper won't be happy until he drives a stake through the heart of the Liberal Party, which is likely how the Liberals will spin the elimination of their $2 per vote payments. They might even want to consider trying a full scorched earth where they declare bankruptcy claiming full victim status, being murdered by the vindictive Prime Minister.

The catch in all this is that the PM campaigned on eliminating the vote subsidy and was rewarded with a majority government. This is not a replay of 2008 when it came out as a big surprise, this is now a public part of the Tory platform. Yet, I expect the Liberals to cry bloody murder when their vote money is withdrawn.


  1. Good..cry Lieberals..looks good on you for the years worth of crap that you heaped on the Conservatives. 20 more years in the wilderness!

    Face it Libs, you are the party that needs corporate donations the most, and seeing that your ( former ) PM hamstrung you on that..too bad sad..

  2. I do not want my tax dollars propping up other political parties that do not look after my best interests. They are only looking after their best interest.

  3. The CPC could also find itself threadbare in a hurry unless the base sees some of the items in your policy list addressed.

  4. I think the government needs to point out that some parties get out there and work hard to raise money (NDP,Cons) and that the others just need to learn to play by the new rules rather than rely on "corporate welfare".

  5. Max

    Thats the irony.

    If the liberals had kept the promises they made over the decades they where in power they wouldn't be third placr in the seat standings.
    Sort of how democracy works better without a government subsidy.

  6. They'll have to find a supportive popular base again, God help them. :-)

    Of course, if the Conservatives were serious about taking parties off the dole, they'd get rid of all the subsidies, and not just the ones that their opponents benefit the least from them. Until I see them get rid of the tax credits too, I consider this a Machiavellian move, not a principled one.

    Principles and politicians, I know. How naive of me.

  7. The subsidy is not given to independant candidates even if they were to win. Small parties are also shut out. This is nothing but political welfare for the big parties. The act of voting is supposed to be about citizens doing their duty and choosing their government. It is not supposed to be about fundraising for the big parties.

    The money makes it easier for the parties to go to the polls thus making elections about about fundraising rather than about a vision for the country.

    This election proceded in part because the Libs knew the election itself would raise the money they needed to fight it. It must stop.

  8. Susan Delacourt would be happy to see a stake driven into the Conservative party. She has the big L stamped on her forehead for decades. Who takes anything she has to say seriously? No one.Lots of gloomy looking Lieberals walking around these days.Look at the savings for the taxpayers to see the vote subsidies GONE.Let them get out and work for their own money.

  9. On a related note,what is the status of the payment of loans for the previous defeated Liberal Leader Candidates. There should be a rule that you cannot run for the Leadership of the Liberal Party a second time if you still have not paid your first trip to the polls.

  10. My tax dollars go to the Party I support ie if I vote CPC ,CPC gets $2.00. If I vote Green,the Green Party gets $2.00 . It's a way to encourage people to vote even if they know their candidate will not win.It's a way to encourage Democracy & Diversity of ideas - that's a good thing.
    Seems like a lot of people do not understand the process.
    Ignorance is hard to overcome.

  11. Norma, send your $2 directly to the party of your choice.
    Make it $10 and you covered off 4 others who can't be bothered to support a party.

    The LPC has alot of paid admin instead of volunteers.
    That's why they accuse Cons bloggers of being paid, they don't get what grassroots means.
    Chretien changed the rules,
    and Liberals were too lazy to adapt.

  12. I agree 6th Estate, we should get rid of the 75% tax write off for political donations. I have no problem with getting a tax break equivalent to what you get for a charitable contribution but getting $300 from the taxpayer and only $100 from the donnor on a $400 donation seems like welfare to me. At least the CPC is getting the ball rolling.