Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What About Bev Oda?

When the new cabinet is announced tomorrow, I expect to see the allegedly controversial Bev Oda remain in cabinet. In fact I'm surprised that more media people aren't talking about her substantial victory in the election despite being the target of so much fury in the build up to the vote. She might be moved to a new post after being the lightning rod of contempt allegations that helped inspire and encourage the Liberals to foolishly force an election; but she proceeded to win her Ontario riding by 20,000 votes. It would be nice to see her remain at CIDA after Oda-gate, but that job would also be a nice posting for rookie MP Chris Alexander. To many on the left Not-gate was a case of criminal tampering, and to some on the right it was one of incompetence. I strongly disagreed with those of my "colleagues" who came out quickly to label Bev Oda as incompetent before we even really knew what happened. As it turns out, she did nothing wrong and her constituents agree.


  1. I think they voted for the party not the person. I doubt the constituents were even aware of what she had done.

  2. She will stay a Minister. I want her to stay where she is, and continue to defund more taxpayer sucking groups. She has nothing to lose now, let her slash the funding of more special interest groups, it will make her feel better, and show the opposition that playing silly games doesn't work.

  3. Minister Oda should stay right where she was, and keep up the good work. Oda did her job well, and survived a vicious smear and public lynching by the Liberals and their media. Her constituents spoke loud and clear as to what they thought of the Liberal/Media charges of "contempt".

  4. She deserves a medal of some kind, because of her we have a majority government.

  5. Jerry:
    Given the media frenzy over the affair, I don't see how her constituents would not have heard of the allegations. It probably increased her margin of victory.

  6. Only on a planet with two moons and burning crosses,could defunding a bunch of silly old busybodies, be called a "scandal".
    The tripe that this group printed in our local paper, until challenged, was pathetic.
    They refused to answer my specific questions, either about their supporting boycotts of Israel, or what percentage of their tax-payer lolly went to actual "good works".
    From their own site wages, expendidures? ate about 86 to 90% of the money.
    I linked to page captures that Ezra Levant had posted, they sure got quiet in a hurry.
    Bev Oda is my hero for standing up to both the bullies and to groups that are just NGO teat-suckers.
    Her massive victory at the polls shows Canadian taxpayers are paying attention, the eviscaration of the Liberals is a thing of beauty IMO.
    Cheers Bubba

  7. To this day i don't know the clear story - mostly because i can't really be bothered to take the time to wade thru a mass of MSM sludge to find out something i'm sure is very innoccuous. It just didn't matter.

    Agent Smith

  8. I read that her constituents were fully aware of the problem she had (how could they not be), but didn't talk about it to her during the campaign. I think her constituents fully realized she had not 'forged' or 'doctored' a document. Her department, at that time, did not have a a good way of refusing an application, but apparently that has now been changed.

    Frankly, the opposition and media were in a frenzie and were just simply mean to her... think of the picture of her smoking. That was terrible. The media and opposition seem to like to pick on women.

    I think Ms Oda is a good minister who takes her responsibilities seriously and is willing to cut where cutting has to be done. I'm so glad she won by such a plurality. I wonder if we'll hear any apologies from the opposition or the media for how they treated her. (Ha)

    I'm very glad she is remaining in the same portfolio. I think the PM was not at all influenced by the attacks on her... he knew the truth all along.