Sunday, May 1, 2011

Which Party Leader Will Lose Their Job First?

Today's poll question; who will be the first political leader to lose their job after the election? Ignatieff, May, and Duceppe have all been colossal failures. Jack has exceeded expectations, though he'll be lucky to get his new supporters to polling booths on election day. If I had to guess, Elizabeth May will be the first to go. Her own party has been trying to turf her for over a year, while Liz has done everything possible to block a leadership review.

As for Iggy, it depends how much of a hurry he's in to get back to Boston. Perhaps one of the reasons for Liberal decline in Quebec are Habs fans not trusting the Boston guy. I could see that. Duceppe is facing catastrophic loses, which could see Gilles getting the ceremonial guillotine.

Many have been musing that the failure to win a majority will be the end of Stephen Harper. I'll believe it when I see it, though it is not impossible. My personal opinion is that Harper has been a very effective leader at navigating a volatile minority parliament. It is very rare in Canadian politics for a minority leader to survive for 5 consecutive years.


  1. It's interesting that there is such an external expenditure of money to overthrow the CPC and replace with with a "Progressive" party. The Soros clan to name but one of them.

    It just might be that the socialists know that we might be on to them....and then he woke up and realized that the sheeple of Canada were supporting Mini-Marx Layton.

    I would think that Dueceppe will fall on his sword first.

  2. stephen p writes:

    A bit off topic but in answer to your earlier poll "Who is the most responsible for the recent rise of the NDP?"

    I would have voted for Stephen Harper if given the choice.

    This is not a case of HDS on my part, merely the observation that PHSH for the past decade has been working at destroying the Liberal Party - the Seinfeld Party about nothing and anything.

    Fortunately for Canada, the LP decided to be led by two unfocused academics (are there any other?) for the past five years making PHSH's work all the more facile.

    A close second to Stephen Harper is Stephane Dion, what with his December 2008 photo op with Jack and Gilles, he went up the hill never to be seen again after a cameo appearance as PM potentiate of the Dominion of Canada.

  3. I would say Iggy will go first. Duceppe has no obvious successor.

  4. Just a comment about your blog colors - I literally cannot read the white on black on the side bars. Not sure if it is my eyes or what, but it is very disconcerting.

  5. The Liberals being "The Party of Democracy" cancelled their leadership review for this year remember. If Iggy wants to stick it to Boob Rae he could just stay at Stornoway and order takeout for another year or two. He doesn't show up to Parliament anways and has never had to "win" his position.

  6. As to the Bloc. If they lose BIG TIME on Monday then they might just stick around until their pensions kick in then call it a day. They will then move to the PQ for one last shot at their Quebecquois (sp) eden.

  7. Elizabeth May - we really do not need her shrill voice in Canada. Her performance at the Munk Debate did her in for me, as well as the 2008 leader debates. This woman needs to take up gardening to resolve her anger management problems.

  8. Innerestin'...Who says some will even survive election nite -

    Duceppe last i heard is only .4% ahead in his riding

    Anyone know how Lakeshore Etobicoke stands for Iggy ? - it can't be that great...

    Layton?? - lets see how far he goes post election with the the massage scandal gnawing on him. Will the police actualy pursue this leak, will Layton pursue legal action ? (...yeah, sure let keep picking on this scab!!)Will SunTV stop reminding us?. Longterm i'm wondering how he can survive now.

    PM Harper - Last Man Standing!

    If PMSH gets a minority the usual punditeratti will undermind him quoting 'unnamed sources' Some Tory bigwigs behind the scenes may start to manuever. But i think the rank and file will stand pretty solidly behind him - any actual leadership review/vote will affirm him.

    In my view he's the best leader we've had in 50 years. He's whupped Martin, Dion and now Iggy and it seems the whole Liberal party with one hand while holding back the Progressive/MSM/NDPBLOCGREEN military industrial complex with the other.

    Agent Smith

  9. Iggy gone in fall. Liberal mistakes: installing Iggy as leader, going hard-core negative, and Iggy leaning too much on the old guard Liberals to get by. Did you guys/gals know that Mao had a 'redbook' hmmm... Duceppe is next, within a year. Despite Layton's surge due to Quebec wanting back in the gravy train in Ottawa he will be gone before Harper.

  10. The Ig looks first to go although a third consecutive minority for Harper is not what the CPC is looking for.

  11. I live in Etobicoe-Lakeshore have for 50 years. Iggy is the candidate I have not met in all those years. Think about it. I was here when Re.Kelly was the MP.