Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Go Canucks Go!

You don't have to be a Canucks fan to be excited about Vancouver advancing to the Stanley Cup final as the team has a chance to win the first Cup by a Canadian team in nearly 20 years. What a hockey game! A dramatic game tying goal with just seconds left to play, and then a fluke goal on a crazy bounce in the second overtime to win. Alex Edler shot the puck around the glass, it took a funny bounce to Kevin Bieksa and he shot it in the net with everyone else looking in the other direction. It was one of the strangest goals you will ever see in hockey, let alone as a series winning goal. Then within a matter of seconds the good people at GM Place started dumping 2 tons of paper confetti on the ice as the referees were huddling together discussing if the goal should count. I guess that's why they call it home ice advantage, although replays did show the goal was legit.

As a Vancouver resident I have officially jumped onto the Canucks bandwagon with both feet, flying a Canucks car flag and putting my Red Wings hat away for a Canucks hat. I have already declared on my sports blog that the Vancouver Canucks are going to win the Stanley Cup this season. Perhaps taking statistical likelihoods as absolute certainties is ill-advised, but I feel quite confident in this prediction. Then again, I did declare a 0% chance that the NDP would win 100 seats. I am fallible.

The Tweet of the night has to go to James Moore, @JamesMoore_org: "Just cheered like we won Ajax-Pickering all over again"


  1. Even I, a non hockey fan watched the 3rd period and the overtimes.
    And for some strange reason, I feel they will win the cup. My dad was a great fan, and Sat nights were spent around the radio listening to Foster Hewitt.

  2. The paper dump was beyond moronic.

  3. Go Canucks! They really want it! Canada needs to have the cup at home. Go Jets too!