Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Death Of The Bloc

Ding dong, the Bloc is dead. While the party still exists despite being reduced to 4 seats, the newly elected Tory majority will eliminate the vote subsidies on which the Bloc is dependent for their survival. The sovereigntist donor base gives most of their money to the Party Quebecois provincially. If you take away the subsidy money, the separatists would be smart to pour all their resources into the mothership that can actually force a referendum. The Bloc was always just gravy, trying to extort a better deal for a single province but never affecting anything of substance.

The PQ is the parent of the Bloc, and if they are reduced to being nothing more than a financial burden that can't pay for itself, there is a really good chance that they will be dissolved. They no longer have official party status, despite still getting a lot of votes on election day. All this being said, if the Bloc goes up by 5%, the NDP could lose half their caucus.


  1. Hopefully the Conservatives will change the federal party rules as well and require a party to field candidates in ALL of the provinces, or at least a majority of provinces.

  2. That is just silliness DeeDee. That is not how our system works or shall it ever work.

  3. I hope they run at least one candidate in the next election and demand to be in the televised cool would that be?

  4. If Thomas Mulclair can't move Jack onward in any time might possibly expect him to move the Quebec arm of the NDP (and 4 Bloc seats) into the NDB (New Demanding Bloc).

    Just maybe.

  5. How many of those new NDP MPs are separatists at heart? More than a few I suspect. They will not stay anonymous for very long. There is too much bad blood in some ridings. That should cause a few bush fires for Mulcair to stomp on.

    The decimated forces of the Bloc will put all their effort in support of Marois' Parti Quebecois and her separatist agenda. Sucks to be Charest right now.