Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ignatieff The Worst Leader In Liberal History?

Twas the night before the election and all through the house, many pollsters were stirring, especially Nik Nanos. It would appear that the safest bet Monday is that the Liberals will have their worst outing in the history of their party. That begs the question, is Iggy the worst Liberal leader ever? It is hard to believe that anyone could have a worse performance than Stephane Dion, but at least he finished in 2nd place. That is my election day poll question.

To all those pundits who said after the debates that there were no knockout punches, you were wrong. Clearly the Jack Layton attendance jab caught Iggy square on the chin, as it was the precise moment will Liberal numbers began to crash. Depending on how things turn out on Monday, that debate moment will go down in the annals of history as a game changer.


  1. I think that Ignatieff's failures are solely attributed to the fact that he comes off as very arrogant.

  2. The comments by Iggy about the voters only having 2 choices for governing party also didn't help. It was true according to conventional wisdom at the time but people don't like being told in such a straightforward way that the other options don't count. It came across as elitist and authoritatian, and that wasn't what Iggy needed.

  3. You question is predicated on the idea that Iggy has any say in what goes on.

    Iggy is leader..... only in name ..... and the LPC continues to be controlled by the corrupt power brokers and back room boys.

    This criminal enterprise has succeeded in bamboozaling many Canadians for many years and the imminent failure is not the the fault of the latest empty suit chosen to front the scam.

    The failure is due to the awakening realization by many people that they have been scammed.

    Of course ... as soon as the LIbranos can find a suitable suit (Bob Rae?) they will bring many back into the fold ..... Stockholm syndrome....

  4. No Iggy is not the worst leader of the Liberal party.
    He just picked the wrong side at the wrong time.
    Could have been a competent minister in the Conservative cabinet.
    But he had more immediate ambitions.

  5. They cannot blame tomorrow's loss on a lousy leader or a lousy campaign (it wasn't perfect of course). Their platform was a little more coherant than the Greenshift (TM).

    They will look for some excuse somewhere but the problem this time was the party. There were too many recycled promises from previous campaigns in which the Libs could not deliver.

    They are probably bankrupt having already spent I assume, the voter subsidy that will fall well short of what they were expecting.

  6. I think his "Rise Up" did him in. Made him look unhinged and ready for a straight jacket. Dragging out Paul Martin and Jean Chretien ...Big Mistake.

    Layton is a sleasey, greasy, slime ball.

  7. No, Trudeau was much worse and so was Micheal Pearson, as they actually were leaders had visions for Canada that were too left wing. They seduced us to giving up a lot of our new industries and power. We continue to pay for the Charter (giving bogus refugees the same rights to sue as Canadians) and our UN sell-outs (millions of dollars given to African and other 3rd world dictators).

    I share the PM's vision:

    I want my country back, and that is a country that was settled by people fleeing from regimes that taxed all their assets and oppressed them. My ancestors were loyalists and 1820-1860 immigrants who sought freedom and a chance to develop their own wealth. They would have been ashamed to take hand-outs. The NDP and Liberals make heroes out of people seeking hand-outs and passes for bad behaviour. These people would have been outcasts in my parents' generation.

  8. Iggy does not have a vision for Canada, as he does not really share our history. He spent too long in Britain and is more of a critical person vs. a leader of men and women. He was a fail as opposition leader too, as he was blatantly all the time just creating scandals vs. doing his job, which he thought was to oppose. His real job was to work behind the scenes to modify conservative legislation. He gets an F for that.

    His personality is wrong for the job. As well, he has foot-in-mouth disease and judgment issues.

    And the rest of the Liberal line-up is pathetic. Modern women of any age do not agree with Carolyn Bennett on most things. Bob Rae is a poison word in Ontario for good reason, as is Justin Trudeau west of Sudbury.

  9. The Liberals never understood that the country did not want change at this time - rise up was a really goofy move. Simply anti-Harper; not pro anything. Also, they picked the wrong song writer,
    as the Canadian Parachute Club had a brilliant song for their time.

    Liberals: go lick your wounds and make a come back in a few years.

  10. The leader of the party is the public face of the party; he needs to sell the message (no matter where it comes from or who is controlling the party). Mr Ignatieff was never able to communicate the message (whatever that was), nor did he personally come across as knowing or understanding anything about Canada or Canadians.

    Leading the party in a pointless election for the sole purpose of creating a Liberal led coalition government demonstrates the true qualities of the man; the destruction of the Liberal party at his hands can be listed as a political suicide or death by misadventure.

  11. For all the Canadians who voted for the Conservatives, I hope you are happy giving that douchebag a majority because things are going to get worst. He spends unauthorized money on G20 and no one cares about that, but they sure cared when there was a sponsorship scandal with Chretien. I bet when the report comes out people are going to realize how much of a sleaze Harper really is, but now he have to wait until 2015 to get him out of there.

    I agree that Iggy was the wrong guy for the job as well as Dion. They need someone who has personality and not arrogant and charismatic. I hope the Conservatives fall in the next election. I would rather see NDP or Liberal win the next one.

  12. Trudeau was the worst leader ever.
    Despite the balls he had in confronting the FLQ, the extension of the welfare state that he engineered before we had the ability to pay for it was the worst thing done to Canada since Confederation.
    We could pay for it today if we had paid for it as we could have afforded it.
    Instead, we are paying billions of dollars in interest every year on the debt that he incurred.
    By the way Anonymous,

    Being part of the G8/G20 means that you have to host it once in a while.
    And if there weren't anarchist douche bags like you running around taking bean bags and rubber bullets from the police then maybe we wouldn't have to spend so much money on these meetings.

    People like you are the first to denigrate Canada because the Arab bloc deigned to give the UN security council seat to bankrupt Portugal.

    If any of the G8/G20 leaders or their staff had been fucked with by terrorists during the meetings in Canada you would be first in line denouncing the government for gross incompetence.

    So, on that point, shut the fuck up.

    And the NDP will not win the next election.
    The Liberals won't, either.
    They're in a deep hole.

    So, live your life for the next four years, get a job and keep your nose clean.
    You might enjoy keeping more of your paycheque.
    Once you get married, you might even consider that subsidizing single parents to have more children for you is a bad idea because although you would like to have more of your own you have to pay taxes until June before you can consider it.