Thursday, May 26, 2011

Christy Clark Misses The Point

To all the adults in British Columbia, under Christy Clark's "families first" administration, you are quickly becoming a second class citizen unless you have children (specifically under the age of 18). If you'd like an HST rebate for that tax you are so angry about, better hurry up and produce offspring if you want any relief. Otherwise you have to wait until 2014 (after the next Provincial election). The new changes released Wednesday about the HST are a complete failure across the board and completely missed the point. What upset BC tax payers was not a merger of the federal and provincial taxes, but rather such a large basket of food items becoming 7% more expensive. Stephen Harper gave Gordon Campbell the option of not adding the provincial tax to previously untaxed goods, and that offer was declined. Just take that 7% off food and your problem is solved.

But hey, I'm still pissed off about our carbon tax, the HST was just the straw that broke the camel's back. The BC Liberals need to spend some time in the penalty box just like their federal brethren. It is time for the BC Conservatives to run a full slate of candidates. For crying out loud, in the last year the BC legislature has only sat for a few weeks. Where are all those prorogation protesters demanding our legislature sit more often?


  1. Christy Clark will be the Rita Johnston of the Liberal Party of BC.

  2. Pragmatic - just so you know, your comment over at my place touched a nerve. Perhaps you weren't meaning to sound so sarcastic but in case you didn't notice, Tim Hudak is not Stephen Harper, so stupid announcements are going to get me talking. When he starts talking like a conservative, ie a blue Tory, then perhaps I'll simmer it down.

  3. You should run - if you're looking for a full slate of candidates in BC, you would make one more than there is now... : )