Sunday, May 15, 2011

Liberal Brand Now Toxic?

In the category of amusing political news items, an MLA with the provincial BC Liberal Party is now suggesting that the Party switch names so as not to be associated with the increasingly unpopular federal brand. The fun part is what should they name the new Party if they are to dump the Liberal name? Of course the BC Liberals only rose to power after absorbing the old Social Credit Party, but I doubt that any former Socreds would support the Liberals taking that name. Perhaps under Christy Clark they should call themselves the Clown Party, or even the Pirate Party? Given her family's deep ties to the criminal BC Rail deal, we should call her new Party the BC Rail Party?

Frankly as a BC resident and voter, I am cheering for the BC Conservatives to run a full slate of candidates in the next election and mount a strong right wing challenge to Clark's left wing Liberal revolution.


  1. What about--

    "The party formerly known as Liberal"?

  2. How about: 'The party before the party before the libs'.

    It has a nice rhythym to it and it will confuse the heck out of everyone and they won't know what they are voting for, or against.

  3. How about the Liars Club Party?

  4. As another BCer I'd welcome a sensible alternative party (like the BC Conservatives).

    But if we have to settle for another name change, how about the Keep Us in Power, Please (KUPP) party?

  5. "What about--

    "The party formerly known as Liberal"? "

    In that spirit, made they should have a symbol.. perhaps the negative sign:


    to represent how the name did federally in the last election.

  6. I vote conservative federally, but provincially here in BC I don't know whether there is room for two right of center parties. I think that the present BC Liberal party should change its name to reflect that it indeed is a coalition. Maybe the BC party to highlight their economic emphasis and maybe they can attract people like Jay Hill and Stockwell Day who might bring more balance into the party to keep it from its left leanings. The recent gaffe by Mr. Cummins will not result in enough support and will only split the right vote and allow a NDP gov't.