Thursday, May 5, 2011

Survivors Of Liberal Attacks

Pop quiz: what do Lisa Raitt, Bev Oda, Christian Paradis, Tony Clement, Gerald Keddy, Maxime Bernier, Peter MacKay and Wai Young all have in common? All of them comfortably survived contrived Liberal controversies to win their seats. The biggest being Bev Oda, who's controversy helped fuel the Liberal contempt of Parliament drive that forced this election. Bev won her riding by 20,000 votes. Yeah, her constituents were really pissed off that one of her aides scribbled in "not" to reject funding for an anti-Israeli organization. To those right wing pundits that called Bev incompetent, her constituents disagreed with you.

Lisa Raitt with her "sexy" portfolio won her riding by 24,000 votes. Tony Clement allegedly misappropriated G8 funds (in addition to census-gate), he won by 15,000 votes. Bernier left cabinet files at his girlfriends house, he won by 11,000 votes. Keddy handed out a jumbo cheque with a Tory logo. MacKay helped torture detainees and won by 12,000 votes. Young was invited to speak at a parents night at a Sikh school, and someone acquitted of a terrorist act showed up.

I'm sure that I'm forgetting other controversies. The Liberals have thrown out so many of these that it is tough to keep track. I don't even remember what Christain Paradis allegedly did, just that one day I ran a poll question "should Paradis resign?"


  1. I wonder if Pat Martin and Holland regret their phony contempt charges. I bet CIDA is crying in their orange crush as they know more cuts are coming. Same with Planned Parenthood. Thank you to all those who voted these MPs back to the
    House of Commons.
    The next best news is that Jack will not be able to deliver on any of his promises to Quebec.
    First order of business, convince Jack he is OLO, not the PM, and he better get back to work. Not up to us to give him time to train his new MPs.

  2. "To those right wing pundits that called Bev incompetent, her constituents disagreed with you."

    I wonder if you meant to write "left wing"

  3. The media is the biggest loser of all!
    Congrats to the conservative majority government.

  4. Mary T. said "I wonder if Pat Martin and Holland regret their phony contempt charges."

    Pat Martin probably doesn't, However, Holland is probably on suicide watch.

    Also, don't forget how Harper mis-treated Helena. She was dealt such a raw deal, she only lost by thousands of votes.

  5. Christian Paradis had a $750 Cashmere coat stolen at a fundraiser and the Libs claimed he demaned $5,000 "compensation" from the host of the fundraiser.

    You probably don't remember this scandal because you can't make a good " _-gate" out of it.

    Jacket-gate, coat-gate, cashmere-gate... none of them have the panache of "waffer-gate."

  6. Fay said...

    The media is the biggest loser of all!

    Prior to May 2nd, I felt in my bones that this election was about the MSM more than anything else.

    I don't expect that angle will be covered by the MSM, though. Who cares? We've got blogs!

  7. Anonymous, I meant to say right wing pundits. People like Ambigously Dextrous, BC Blue, some National Post columnists, and so on who attacked Bev Oda from the right on her competence before all the facts were known.

  8. Like most people it did not require a PhD to figure out that all these trumped up fake charges amounted to nothing other than blatant dishonesty. Furthermore we knew what a real scandal looks like with the theft of tax payers money from the Liberal Party. Try Ascam for a start.