Sunday, May 29, 2011

Canada's New Majority Parliament Convenes This Week

For the first time in nearly 20 years, Canadian Parliament will convene this week with a Conservative majority government. It has been too long, but worth the wait. The first order of business will be selecting a new Speaker of the House, and right now Barry Devolin and Andrew Scheer are the front runners. Frankly I don't really care who it is, just so long as it is a Conservative. Thus far there is one NDP member running and several Tories; meaning that despite holding a majority of the seats, vote splitting could put a Dipper in the Speaker's chair. Whichever Tory has the most support, that is the candidate that all Tories should vote for.

The legacy of the previous Liberal Speaker Peter Milliken is generally positive, at least until his final days. Originally I was quite upset about him granting those contempt motions, but hindsight being what it is, he may have unwittingly delivered the Tories our beloved majority. Those ridiculous motions gave the Liberals the confidence and the means to defeat the government and force an early election. Canadians did not want an election and rightly rewarded the Conservatives with a majority government. Thank you Peter Milliken, without you this would not have been possible. We all owe you a debt of gratitude.


  1. Break out the beer and popcorn! I can put a bullet through a kernel of popcorn at three paces ... blindfolded! Long Live The Empire!

  2. In my mind I have a picture of the glee and paper throwing of the Liberal Party when the vote count on the contempt motion was read. They don't seem so gleeful now!!

  3. I bet a lot of liberals would like a do over on that vote or even moving the motion.
    But we must make sure a conservative speaker is elected on June 1st. I wonder how many points of order Pat Martin will bring fwd in the next 4 yrs.
    Jack will have his hands full controlling his separtist caucus. Regardless, that message is out there and will be hard to remove. I read that those MPs are not allowed to roam the hallways without supervision. Should be a fun session.

  4. OT, but any comment from lizzie and the death of kyoto. She will spend four years in basic isolation. Will look good on her.

  5. Yes Milliken will be remembered as another Liberal hack.A supposed non partisan sleeper Liberal.The TAG LIBERAL SLEEPER should always be remembered when dealing with any Liberal at any level of government in any position of power.Now for the CBC.

  6. Didn't that Richardson guy date a CBC reporter or some such nonsense?

    I'd throw my vote behind Merv Tweed or Andrew Sheer.
    Sheer is a sure win. IMHO Merv Tweed makes a good 2nd choice. If your not voting for Sheer vote for Tweed. If not Tweed, then Sheer.
    You shouldn't split the vote. <- stephan taylor merv tweed interview.

    I would like to see him win. If someone thinks otherwise then they should speak their minds.