Sunday, May 15, 2011

Reduced Conservative Majority

To all the Conservatives who have been celebrating the 167 seat majority victory in this month's Canadian federal election, you need to curb your enthusiasm because it turns out that it is only 166 seats. The NDP won a recount in Montmagny Quebec from the Tories, which the CBC is spinning as a significant loss for Stephen Harper and pushing the NDP to historic heights. They are calling this a loss for Harper because he now has fewer Quebec ministers to choose from when appointing cabinet, when the real losers are the people of Montmagny who lose a likely voice in cabinet. Instead they will have to settle for an opposition member who will have no power and not be able to affect any real change.

Personally I don't think that the government has to appoint a set number of cabinet ministers from every Province. Quebec had the chance to vote for the new natural governing party, but instead of voting for a seat in government they chose the NDP which only has the power to be first in line to complain. If Quebec is reduced to the same number of cabinet seats as Nova Scotia, I won't be losing any sleep. If what they wanted was a voice in opposition, then let them have their voice in opposition.

Great, the NDP is now tied with Joe Clark 1980 as the largest opposition in a majority government. Congrats, how much did Joe accomplish in the last term of Pierre Trudeau? Nothing at all.


  1. It's interesting how "branding" has such an influence on people. The people of Quebec voted as a block against the Conservatives because of some mental picture that they had. The PM had been "branded" in Quebec, and nothing could be said or done to change it.

    But then Mini-Marx is branded by himself as a hard core Socialist/Communist and they love him. Go figure!!

  2. Um..note to CBC...He won a majority WITHOUT Quebec,,,he no longer has to kow-tow to them....who cares.

  3. That having been said, I keep forgetting that the PM did say that if he could get the NDP in as Official Opposition, he would govern for decades.

  4. CBC..sigh...PMSH has always more than generous to Quebec. Their lose now. As so many have said; who cares now... a majority can be had without Quebec and even more so in the future with 30 new seats coming down the turnpike.

    Quebec separate? yeah, sure, OK, yawn, keep me posted...The NDP is bound to dissappoint tho - it's inevitable given the combustable nature of their caucus. Next election I 'spects the Conservatives can probably clear 15 seats in Quebec without breaking a sweat.

    Agent Smith


    ps. GO CANUCKS!

  6. How tiresome - so is the lack of votes in Quebec a disaster - no. Its actually a liberation for the ROC - the blinders off and oh dear, look at who they have elected. Quebec has been the Opposition to Canada for decades. Now its official. They get the flaky NDP populated with neophytes and Canada get a mature, confident government. When you have a petulant province you end up like Newfoundland. Yawn, what's the old meme, "be careful what you wish for". Now the CBC has to run interference for Quebec. Too funny. Cheers.

  7. Slave Lake Alberta is being destroyed by fire and the a$$holes at CBC are too busy spinning for quebec and the dippers to cover it.

  8. Who f&^%$#@cares if there are no Cabinet Ministers from Quebec? Harper could have lost every single seat in Quebec and we SILL would have had a 160 seat majority.

    Yes, Harper said that he will be governing for all people and all regions, but that doesn't mean it has to be Cabinet Ministers for every region to accomplish that.

    Let other provinces that sent representatives to Ottawa with a voice in Government have seats at the Cabinet table; we've already given enough to Quebec when everyone thought we had to because we needed them to form goverment. But now that we've proven that you still don't need to kiss Quebec's ass to form government, and now they STILL want to be catered to?! F&*%$ off already, go pound salt.

  9. By my math the Conservatives received more than 66% of the popular vote.

    If only 60% of eligible voters actually voted, and the Conservatives received 40% of the popular vote...well 40 over 60 equals 67% (rounded)

    Seems the left wasn't as motivated as they might want one to believe

  10. I agree with Michael Harkov. Pound Salt.

  11. Sorry 5:38 Anonymous, your math is flawed. That 40% popular vote is not scored out of 60%. If you add the popular vote for each party, it sums to 100%. You can't divide 40% by 60% to determine popular vote, that's what the 40% is.

  12. Ya know what?? Garbage dump.

    Given the rabid anti-Conservative attitude from Mark Mayrand and his lemmings at EC, I actually doubt the factuality of this recount.

    No, I don't trust that smarmy little Liberal pr**k. When someone is running the EC show who isn't an obvious Liberal cheerleader then my attitude will change. 'Till then, you and I both know the bureaucracy is infested with lefties who'll only be too happy to keep trying to throw wrenches into the works.