Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How Does Absorbing Bloc Change The NDP?

As the NDP heads into official opposition status in a Tory majority, how does their outlook on life change after absorbing the Bloc Quebecois? Don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy to see death of the Bloc, to see Gilles lose his seat, 95% of his caucus gone. I'm just wondering where do we go from here? This much we know for sure, Jack you may happily instruct your MPs that they may schedule all the vacations they want until 2015. Well done NDP, I'm just wondering when sovereignty becomes part of their platform. Jack could be the next Mario Dumont.


  1. Don't worry. This is the one area in which the NDP has relatively little to worry about -- their Quebec caucus is for the most part inexperienced enough that a handful of separatists in the ranks won't be able to carry much weight.

    Not with Jack playing up his "federalist victory" over the Bloc in the name of national unity for all it's worth, which I assume he's going to do for a few years.

  2. Sorry but in my opinion Quebec voters got what they deserve: more wasted votes for a useless party. The NDP can never deliver on Jack's promises without destroying the whole party, but when you choose to vote for candidates who are unknown, not even present and cannot even speak your language this is what you get.

  3. The Liberals may have to rebuild their party but Jack has a bigger problem. The Quebec wing of his caucus will give him grief - if he doesn't promote the Quebec vision of suffering they will revolt. My favourite cartoon - when the courtier advises the King that the peasants are revolting - the King replied "You can say that again". Cheers.

  4. A large number of them could decide to pull a Lucien Buchard, then where will Jack be. He better make sure they all show up to work, or jack is done. If he can't get his mps to show up, why would you make him PM. But, I imagine that he will resign before the next election and Mulcair will take over.
    At least his new subsidized house has a gym so he wont have to bike to work out or get massages.

  5. I don't think we've heard the last of the "Velvet Touch" affair with the OPP starting an investigation into the "leak". Whether it will do any long term damage to Layton remains to be seen, but I think he will need to take advanced tap dancing lessons to avoid being damaged!
    Quebecers will probably think of him as a "bon vivant", the ROC....hmmm?