Tuesday, May 17, 2011

When Should The Liberals Appoint A New Leader?

Today's poll question; when should the Liberals appoint a permanent leader? There seems to be loud divisions within the party about whether the party should wait 2 years to "get it right", or if they should act quickly. Carolyn Bennett for one is publicly upset that the Party brass declared that the interim leader cannot run for permanent leadership when the time comes. It would also seem that some of the people pushing for Bob Rae as interim leader don't want him to be able to take the job into the next election; while others who want Rae to take over tomorrow also want him to be able to run for full leadership when the time comes. Smart money says Rick Mercer wants Bobby to get the temp job then run for the permanent job. They did go skinny dipping together...

We shall see if the Liberals can overcome this internal strife. Clearly the Liberals did not expect a Tory majority and are a little pissed that Peter "the Pied Piper" Donolo led them into this election. By the way, does anyone know if Donolo still has his job? Some in the media proclaimed him to be the Oracle of Chretien when he replaced Ian Davey, the guy who recruited Iggy from Boston.


  1. It's nice to see the blame now going to the actual architects of the Liberal demise - the party brass and backroom boys. The lion's share of the blame should go to Alf Apps, and less to Peter Donolo and the other LPC apparatchiks.

    For the Liberals to have never effectively squelched the divisions created back in 1990, and to have never stemmed the losses that started when Paul Martin went from guaranteed landslide majority to minority in 2004, to outright defeat in 2006, to what the party is today is just incredibly poor stewardship.

    And from I've seen so far with the handling of the monumental defeat after all the dust has cleared, it seems that the LPC just doesn't get it.

  2. Considering the have an election campaign to pick a new PM in 36days, why does it take a year to pick a leader for one of the parties. Can't they do it in 36 days.
    How old is Rae, how old will he be in 4 yrs, and then another 4 yrs of opposition. Who want such an old man to take over a country.
    If the libs must get a new leader after a defeat, would Rae not have to be replaced after the next election.
    He might get back to #2 as the voters will abandon the NDPQ party when they find out they can't do a darn thing for Quebec.

  3. I've never voted for the federal Liberals but I think it's critical to Canada for them to come back to become the official opposition. Why? Because eventually the Tories will lose an election. When that occurs, do we really want the NDP to assume control of the treasury?!

    Living out in B.C. I've witnessed two NDP governments in my life. Both times they destroyed the economy of my province. Folks on the Left excel at rewriting history but that's precisely what happened.

    Back on the federal scene, how do the Liberals restore themselves? What they truly need to do is go back to basics and figure out what they stand for; not what the polls say they should stand for on each issue, but what they actually stand for. Then take some humility pills to help stop the arrogance towards rural Canadians and those in the West. Finally, and only then, find a charismatic leader who exudes the same values that the party stands for.

    This is what they need to do. Will they be able to do it? Not likely. There's just too much pride & ego running through the veins of Liberal Party members. That's pathetic for the future of the Liberal Party of Canada and most unfortunate for the future of Canada.