Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What's The Best Job For Maxime Bernier?

With the Prime Minister set to announce his new cabinet some time this week, the only sure non-incumbent consensus pick is that Maxime Bernier will be given a seat at the cabinet table. Today's poll question; what cabinet job would be best for Mr. Bernier? His skill set would be best suited to an economic portfolio, and given his popularity in Quebec he deserves a significant responsibility. The Treasury Board is currently vacant, and Maxime has to be one of the names being considered. Though it is more likely that somebody like James Moore who has more time served in cabinet would get that kind of promotion. I don't expect a lot of changes, with probably about 75% of ministers keeping their current jobs. There doesn't need to be a major shake-up, because we have many talented ministers sitting in cabinet already. Foreign Affairs is open, but Maxime already had his shot at that one and accidentally left his office work at his girlfriend's apartment.

Even Martha Hall Findlay likes Chris Alexander for Foreign Affairs. It was odd to see her endorse the man who took down Mark Holland.


  1. how about max gets to be minister of the ministry for eliminating ministers. old white guy

  2. Having Chris Alexander in foreign affairs makes me uneasy. I'd like to put as much distance between Canada and Afghanistan as possible. Alexander will probably promote further entanglement in the Afghan mess.

    Why is Canada getting involved in all these third world and arab messes. All we do is waste money, created hatred against us, and inherit a bunch of refugees and their social and cultural problems!

    It's maddening - why?

    As for Bernier... I like his libertarian ideas, but it's hard to take him seriously any more after his past history. Some may think he has rehabilitated but I can' really get past it. I think he's best out of cabinet, or give him heritage.

  3. I am not sure which one although I've heard that unlike English Canada, he is actually fairly popular in Quebec and many like his more open style of saying what he thinks. After all, despite his riding being more conservative than most of Quebec, he does still win by large margins even when most other Tory candidates in Quebec get slaughtered. Perhaps intergovernmental affairs or official languages or maybe even Heritage.