Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tensions High At First Liberal Caucus Meeting

The Liberal caucus met today for the first time since the election, and reports from the media indicated that this gathering was not all sunshine and lollipops. There is some anger and frustration within Liberal ranks, which is to be expected given that their leadership led them to a humiliating and catastrophic defeat. It was Ignatieff and Donolo who decided to force this election that saw their party decimated, which has to rank as one of the most historic blunders in Canadian political history. Forcing an early election to their own detriment. Yeah, that contempt of parliament ruling introduced by a Liberal member and approved by a Liberal Speaker, was a really great idea that resonated with voters! As it happens, more Canadians had contempt for the Liberals than contempt for the government.

The big fighting point right now seems to be over restrictions on the interim leader. They don't want an interim leader who can run for the permanent job, while a number of party brass are pushing for Bob Rae to take the temp job. Considering the rules, it has to be considered a backhanded compliment to Bobby that so many of his peers want him to take the temp job, but not the full-time job. Dominic LeBlanc and Justin Trudeau showed up together and were quite friendly with each other...a little ray of sunshine in an otherwise dark day for the Liberal Party.


  1. Thanks goodness for Dominic and Justin to bring some sanity in that caucus. How is it these guys went from being the most dominant political force in Canada to this?

    I strongly recommend everyone read Brooke Jeffries' new book 'Divided Loyalties: The Liberal Party 1984-2008'. I'm going to see if I can pick it up as soon as its available at my local library. I've read Jeffries work and she does her research well.

  2. Does Donalo still have a job.
    Funny, Dion's name has not been mentioned.

  3. their slide to the left is why they keep sinking yet the want Bob Rae? these guys are really demented; the only alternative for reasonable liberals (aka non-socialist morons) is to join the conservatives

  4. Actually the more in-fighting the better. The Cons and the Non Dempcradic Party should just keep out of the LIEberal camp and let them implode themselves .... that way the cannot blame anybody but themselves. They appear to have lost their grass roots support - it is the leaders that decide what should be done - not grass roote LIEberals input.

    I also believe that IF any LIEberal crosses the floor they should NOT get a cabint seat ... they have to earn the Cons/Canadian voters trust ... besides there are a lot of great Cons to fill cabinet positions rather than a LIEberal.

    A LIEberal leaving their party should become an Indepandent and vote for the Cons policy if they desire to support Cons bills - we do not need them.

    Clown Party