Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Bob Rae Era Has Begun

The first phase of the merger of the Liberals with the NDP has begun, as Bob Rae is now officially the leader of the Liberal Party. This had to be a sad day for right minded Liberals (those few remaining) who fear their beloved "centrist" Party will start swinging for the fringes. Comrade Bob, the former NDP Premier of Ontario, defected to the Liberals in 2006 after somebody in the LPC convinced him that he could become Prime Minister. Bob declared his goal of uniting progressives before being defeated by Stephane Dion when the leadership came to a vote. Bobby finished in third place, but he was able to win the support of Liberal juggernauts like Joe Volpe and Scott Brison.

Ladies and gentlemen of the Liberal Party fasten your seatbelts, it is going to be a bumpy ride. If Bob wants to run for the job permanently, Bob will be running for the permanent job. Trust me.


  1. Bob Rae is a has-been. If he had any marketable skills, he would no longer be in politics. Next.

  2. If the interim leader isn't eligible to run for the permanent spot, Knob Rae will merge the two parties, call it something else, and run for the leadership of THAT party.

  3. Should the NDP split at the Ontario/Quebec border AND should Jack be desperate enough to want to retain his status as Official Opposition (he would)...then a merger with Rae and the remains of the LPC would be a good way to do this.

    Jack would still get his ego stroked as Leader of Off.Opp.,(higher seat count) and Bob Rae would be only too happy to indulge Jack in his fantasies.

    Then Bob could start his maneuvering around Jack.
    For myself, I can't see any other way for Bob Rae to get there from here as age is not on his side.

    ...and who said Cdn. politics was boring?!

  4. And while all this political maneuvering is going on, the Cons can finally make changes.

    I am pleased with the CWB, long gun registry being dismantled, cutting funding of the $2.00 per vote; yet hopefully the will do something about the CBC [Constantly Bashing Conservatives] and HRC [Hatred of Regular Canadians] and finally have the courage to speak out against the Auditor General of her concerns of not funding Global Warming/Climate Change. [She may be good at exposing some short falls, yet – like the Cons, by their actions – they are still scared of the environMENTALists.]

    The LIEberals have rejected the new blood [OF A Canadian hero] as a leader, and went with the worst choice - Bob Rae. I wonder how the grass roots feel about this. Again it is an executive decision – like with Biffy. The Cons can just leave the LIEberals to die slowly as a political party. They do not have to do anything – though a few “Truth Ads” couldn’t hurt – about Bob starting the decline of Ontario to become a “have-not” province under his rule. A lot can happen in 2 years - particularly if they continue NOT to listen to the grass root LIEberals.

    As for the Non-Democratic Party [NDP] they could insist that they tell the country of their “communistic constitution” which they refuse to show us.

    Clown Party of Canada