Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Endorse Tim Hudak For Premier Of Ontario

With Ontario heading to the polls this fall, the Iceman would like to endorse Tim Hudak to be the next Premier of Ontario. When the provincial Conservatives selected a replacement for John Tory in 2009, I did not have a horse in the race (John Baird and Jason Kenney endorsed Hudak). Federal politics has consumed most of my attention since 2004, and I have rarely been engaged in Ontario politics since emigrating to British Columbia after Dalton McGuinty's first budget. As a "Mike Harris refugee", I continue to be astonished that Dalton won re-election. People were angry at the funding for religious schools, and decided to vote for Dalton "I will not raise your taxes" McGuinty instead? Great, how much more are you paying in taxes today? Any regrets?

To the people of Ontario, in the next few months Tim Hudak might say something that you disagree with. You are more than welcome to voice your disagreement and share your opinion. Even if Tim gives you one or two reasons to vote against him, there are 101 reasons to vote against Dalton McGuinty. Short of police finding Tim in a hotel room with a dead hooker in the bathtub or video emerging of him lighting kittens on fire; I will continue to endorse Tim Hudak to be the next Premier of Ontario.


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  2. Iceman

    Where is Hudak going to find the hole in his budgets? He is going to lower taxes on speculation that "IF" Ontario grows the economy new taxes will fill the void. However, it has been documented on both sides of the border that lowering taxes does not necessarily translate in new jobs and growth and tax revenues. The Reagan era bumped up US federal deficit by $6 Trillion as a direct result of his lowering taxes. The Bushes 41 and 43 also lowered taxes and failed to balance budgets due to their war activities. I am confident that you agree that only in theory does lowering taxes increase consumption and stimulate growth. Those theories that we both studied were based on "national" economies modeled on the British or American empires. Now that we live in a global economy and personal debt is at record highs, US real estate markets have crashed since the sub-prime financial crisis and China holds more US financial paper and US jobs that ever. How do you really expect Tim Hudak, who never worked in the private sector, to actually make good on his promise to balance the Ontario budget? I agree, the only way is to cut services and public service jobs. That is the Hudak agenda - tell the "working families" how he is going to cut the taxes on their hydro bills and then after being elected he'll cut their jobs and reduce their (government) union pensions - just like Big Mike did when Timmy was selected from a small gene pool to fill-in as Minister of Northern Affairs from his seat in the Buffalo suburb of Fort Erie. I agree that the Liberals have challenges with the truth but this province was run by organized crime for 42 years by serial PC governments that over-built our nuclear fleets that forced the province to make a proposal to reorganize its Hydro-electric debt with the private sector and we're still paying today.

    In 1963 my father was asked pay $5,000 to the local PC Party to get a liquor license for his newly built restaurant. He couldn't afford what was the equivalent of (today) $38,000 for a liquor license that has a stated fee of about $100.00.

    Tim Hudak is an amateur elected on the coat-tails of Big Mike's "common Sense Revolution". Hudak would have a difficult time being elected in Toronto, Ottawa or London and would run 4th or 5th in Hamilton and Windsor.

    And you are promoting this rookie "career politician" as Premier of Ontario at a time of economic challenge?