Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NDP Shadow Cabinet

Jack Layton is expected to announce his shadow cabinet this week, after an enthusiastic speech Monday in front of his new caucus. Libby Davies is on Power Play talking about how excited everyone is to find out who will be sitting in their pretend cabinet. Personally I don't really care since most of their loudest voices (Pat Martin, Paul Dewar, and Tom Mulcair) always have me scrambling for the mute button. The only appointment that I would like to see this week is Ruth Brosseau as the new tourism critic. Other than that, I look forward to learning more about the people who are appointed as I expect plenty of fodder for the political bloggers.

Perhaps someone can tell me what changes with the critics role when a party moves up from 4th place to the official opposition? Yes, they get to speak more on the floor of parliament and might get a few extra interviews, but do they get higher wages or increased office/travel budgets? Will Pat Martin be afforded the ability to travel around the country more than he did previously?


  1. To answer your questions about critic posts, yes, yes and yes. They do get more money, just as cabinet ministers get more then backbenchers, they get more staff, increased expenses etc. And yes, Pat will get more travel and airtime, which I think is just tops.

  2. Will Stornoway get a massage table?

  3. Stornoway doesn't need a massage table. Jacko got his happy ending in a bed.

  4. The thought of seeing libby on a daily basis in the front row of the opposition is almost sickening. If Jack appoints a critic for every cabinet minister, he is going to have to use some of his new untested mps from Quebec. Linda Duncan sitting there with her wild hair is also too much.
    Perhaps the PM could pass a law that all female media types and opposition mps, must have their hair styled at least once a century.

  5. A critic for every minister.
    Maybe that's Harper judo again.
    More dippers on display, more warts to see.